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  • Platform: Xbox
  • ESRB: Teen
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Players: 1-2
  • Online: No
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Suggested Retail: $39.99
  • Graphics: C+
  • Sound: C
  • Gameplay: B
  • Replay: B
  • Fun Factor: B
  • Reviewer's Wild Card: C


Five years in coming to the Xbox

By Troy Roberts     April 09, 2003

You know, I'll be the first to speak out and say that Capcom has done an excellent job with its VS. series. And I still think that there is a lot of life and promise in the series. But I do take offense to the recent release of MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2 for the Xbox, because I don't believe that this game should have been released on this system (at least not now).

My main problem with this game is that this is the exact same game that was released in the arcades in 1998 (which was five years ago for those needing some help). This is the exact same game that was released on the Dreamcast in the year 2000. There have been no improvements to this game, and while it does retail for 10 bucks less than most other brand new games, marketing a 5 year old game for 40 bucks is still ridiculous.

And the last time I checked, the Xbox version of this game was supposed to have online support (it was also supposed to have online support and be a launch game for the system, but I won't go there). But, since this didn't happen, we got CAPCOM VS. SNK 2 EO (which is a good game, by the way) rushed to market with online support because this game couldn't make it out.

MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2's basic controls are a lot like any other STREET FIGHTER game on the market, but with a lot of improvements. But unlike those other games, you now fight with multiple characters instead of just one (up to three in fact). During the game, you can tag in and out and call on your partners for assistance and for super-combo moves. For more, read on.

The game does away with the medium punch and kick buttons and now gives you buttons to call for assistance. What this does is allow you to call for help from one of your partner characters off-screen who will come on and help. Although if your partner gets hit while on-screen, they'll take an excessive amount of damage.

One of the points where MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2 fails to deliver is in the graphics department. Since the game is five years old, you can obviously tell; although, you do get to see a perfect port of a 1998 arcade game (which would have been excellent even as far back as 2000, but not now). And why are the menus choppy? And why is some of the text below what our television screen will show? This shouldn't be happening for a five year old game on the most powerful system on the market.

A plus is that the game does have 56 characters (most are unlockable), and for people who haven't gotten into this series yet, it is a possibly pick-up. But for most of the people who have played or still own the Dreamcast version of MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2, this is a game you should just walk on by and not give a second thought to since you already forked over 50 bucks for it once.


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