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lazarus 4/11/2014 10:45:47 AM

Hey Elbaz, correct me if I am wrong. Isn't that the EXACT same thing that was said by them prior to releasing MOS? Essentially we are waiting to see how it performs before we risk anything. Hey DC. MAN UP AND PUT YOUR BALLS OUT THERE. No risk no reward.

shac2846 4/11/2014 10:50:21 AM

 I read that Goyer interview and commented on it in another thread but it's sad because it sounds like there really is no game plan and worse nobody in creative control at DC WB seems to be on the same page.

Eldogg42 4/11/2014 11:21:56 AM

Its a real shame. Admittedly, I'm a Marvelite also (never hid that fact).  But I love the comic book genre and want it to excell!  DC/WB are idiots. They have the 3 biggest superhero names of  all time.  DC's big 3 are globally known, way bigger then Marvel's Big 3.  Ask someone on the street to name a superhero, they say Batman & Superman. But they just don't know how to cultivate these characters into a bigger cohesive movie universe.  They think a darker, edgier movie is what people want.  All because Nolan made good action movies.  Not good comic book movies, just good action movies.  Then Snyder decides that Supes needs a darker suit, and that he should be a killer.  Just stop rushing, and spend the time developing a DC movieverse.  If they decide to use the actors from BMvsSM, batman will be in his 50's by the time a JLA movie gets made.

keithdaniel 4/11/2014 11:25:56 AM

It seems to me that Warner Brothers/DC doesn't know that the hell they're doing, especially given how disappointing Man Of Steel was for many, including myself.  Yes, it did fairly well at the Box Office, but it could've been so much better.

First off, I think it's also a crime that for the second straight time we get a 2nd straight Superman movie where the script was far below what it should've been!!  Also as big a deal is that again I thought this movie was miscast in some of it's roles.  There's no chemistry between Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane!  What's that about?  Henry Cavill while certainly not bad in his respective roles, could've been better.  I felt he should've brought more personality to the role but he's not alone.  Speaking of Lois Lane, Amy Adams, while an excellent actress overall, didn't bring any real character to that role either.  She seemed to me just a nosy almost obnoxious reporter.  Margo Kidder (a fellow Canuck!) could've taught her how to really play that role!  I also didn't like how she and Superman met inside the spaceship, it didn't work and it was way too soon to have happened.  General Zod, played by Michael Shannon was just a one-dimensional bad-guy.  He was nowhere near as great as Terrence Stamp was in Superman 2, the real Zod we should all be kneeling to!!  LOL!!  Kevin Costner and Diane Lane I had no problem with but Laurence Fishburne is another story.  He wasn't right for his role as Perry White, once again he was another actor who brought no substance to that role and I have no idea why they cast him.  A terrific actor, yes, but not for that role and he could've been taught a few things by Jackie Cooper, who played PW in Superman: the Movie!  Russel Crowe, while delivering a descent performance here wasn't at his best either and that's not entirely his fault.

The script was lackluster and needed much more work and I believe that that was a factor in the lack of personality and character development which also contributed to the letdowns by most of the actors I've given above.  I understand they wanted to go in a new direction in terms of Krypton's set design, but it was too dark and didn't stand out to me.  The beginning was also a letdown, especially given how brilliantly directed, acted and staged Donner's 1978 classic was!  They should've just abbreviated the origin part of the story.  John Williams score is without any doubt way the hell better than what we got from Hans Zimmer!!  One of the most defining aspects of Donner's Superman is the music and Zimmer fails to do that.  The fight scenes were fairly well done between Superman and Zod and his minions, but too often they weren't defined enough.  In other words, there could've been more martial arts instead of the punch and or kick then the other guy goes flying.  When that happens too often, that shock value starts losing it's value.  The few saving graces of MOS, would be the second half, where it takes off, with it's action, terrific FX, and sense of jeopardy kicks in saving it from being a total disaster.  The ending was very good as well.

Despite it's many faults, MOS, could've and should've been so much better and perhaps with a much better written story, better suited cast with better performances, more defined score, more appropriate set designs, more upbeat atmosphere, better imagined fight scenes, and just an overall much more memorable!!  You know, like a Superman movie should be!!

As far as the future holds for this franchise continuing with this so called Superman vs Batman, I guess only time will tell.  But even though I'm still open to this, it's not how I would've gone about it.  I would've had rebooted Superman not long after Batman Begins came out.  I also would've told Chris Nolan to have placed BB in the DC Universe or at least no later than The Dark Knight Rises.  The Green Lantern I would've had out sooner as well but better as well as Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Aquaman.  Why hasn't WB done all of this years ago?  I believe it's a lack of foresight, leadership, and creative vision to say the very least!  WB should be ashamed of how they've held back DC from it's rightful place...beside Marvel if not ahead!!         

ElBaz13 4/11/2014 11:40:46 AM

Yes but the problem WB faced at the time of having Nolan's Batman in the DCU was the uincertainity of a cohesive universe. You have to look at all superhero movies post-1997 (new era began with Blade after Batman Superman) and see that all of these were stand alone films. DC/WB were fine with that and Begins came out in 2005. Dark Knight came out the same year Iron Man did. The big thing that started it all was the Iron Man post credit scene. Marvel put that in there at the end of the credits. If there was buzz, mission accomplished. If it was a dumb idea, it would all be forgotten and would not affect the movie since it was after the credits (smart on their part). At this time, Dark Knight was already in the can. No changes could be made.

Then Dark Knight became a mega hit. Nolan and Bale were asked "hey, looks like Marvel wants to do this MCU, how about you guys", they both said no. They had this "we're too good for that" attitude. And WB was not going to shove it down since these two had the power. 500 million domestic and WB doesn't want to piss them off by pushing crap on them.

On the other hand, Marvel pushed Avengers stuff on Favreau. Nick Fury, Widow in Iron Man 2. Favreau didn't like it. Movie audiences were divided. It kind of had Favreau step away from Marvel. But guess what? Marvel had balls to tell him off. "hey, this is what we want to do". Did it pay off? Well, I just checked and the MCU movies is now the highest grossing franchise ever (beating Bond, Star Wars, Potter). I think they made the right choices.

Dark Knight Rises was a mess. Kind of wonder had they had references or cameos, it would have worked? Even in the Green Lantern movie.

I've also said it before. Marvel has Kevin Feige. He holds it all together WB has no Kevin Feige.


Eldogg42 4/11/2014 12:03:32 PM

KD, Although MOS had it's faults, I would say the acting wasn't one of them.  They were hindered by the writing and screen play. very slow start, the flash backs were very depressing.  Cavill and Adams were fine in their parts, but held back by Snyder.  I thought Shannon was great as Zod, where Terrance Stamp really showed no depth or reason why he was doing what he was doing.  Morpheous was good as Perry White. It was one of the few times where the race change played no factor.  The only one I would complain about would be Costner.  But then again, i just think he was written poorly.  If you ask me, John Schenider got Jonathan Kent right.

lazarus 4/11/2014 12:09:03 PM

You know it is like WB  DC  doesn't like money. LOL. Like there is a HUGE pile of money just for the taking, but we are DC. We are better than that. Sure. Marvel will gladly take your share.

WAIT  WAIT  WAIT.....I  JUST  FIGURED  IT  OUT. DC  wants to stick to the timeline laid out by the move I  AM  LEGEND!!! Yeah they can't release the Supes/Bats movie until the year shown in the movie...why? CAUSE  THE  MOVIE  SAID  SO!!!! Morons.

xpaladinx45 4/11/2014 12:09:30 PM

 DC will blink.  They'll wait awhile and then change due to "production delays" so they don't LOOK like they blinked

ElBaz13 4/11/2014 12:10:51 PM

I liked Bo Duke as Pa Kent more than Costner.

I hated the Pa Kent death by tornado. That was plain old dumb. Supes would have found a way. That scenario was way too easy for him. The Donner Superman Pa Kent death was much better. The emotional part of the fact Jonathan Kent died of a heart attack and Clark was helpless. "all these powers and I couldn't save Pa"


keithdaniel 4/11/2014 12:21:08 PM

A CORRECTION:  In my 2nd last paragraph above after I said "Despite it's many faults, MOS," I meant to add is still an overall entertaining movie and worth seeing but it..." Thanks.

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