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Eldogg42 4/11/2014 11:08:07 PM

 KD I do agree with you about the Donner Superman.  I liked that movie because of Christopher reeve and Donner's approach to him.  Superman is a boy scout. Plain And Simple. And with that so is DC.  Its a light hearted fantasy universe, where as the Marvel universe is somewhat based in grounded universe. But in the movies, Marvel went the whole light hearted approach and DC went with the hard core dark and dreary.  That doesn't work for superman.  Frankly, it only worked for Batman. So stop making a dark and dreary superheroes DC. It just isn't working.

DarthoftheDead 4/11/2014 11:17:56 PM


Phucking Singer and his X-mess can go.......uh........wait a sec......this isn't a DOFP thread......


DarthoftheDead 4/11/2014 11:21:16 PM

WB wil blink 1st and they will be lucky if B-vs-SM isn't a total train wreck (which I sincerely hope it isn't, cause I'd really love to see a Kingdom Come movie adaption)

saiyiansreign823 4/12/2014 8:10:24 AM

DC/WB needs to hire Bat In The Sun Productions and give them creative input along with having Bruce Timm and Geoff Johns write the script. DC is overthinking their comic properties, their characters are already known (Justice League). Hell, who in the hell haven't watched the different iterations of Justice League cartoon's they been around since the 60's. The majority of the public knows who these characters or at least have a gist of whom the characters are and their history. I'm fan fan of both Marvel and DC, but DC just can't get a handle on their movie franchise. Marvel came in and blew the industry wide open with a hope and a understanding to give the public the comic movies that we have anticipated from read comics and watching their cartoons. Sticking to how the characters looked more or less and never really strayed to far from their storyline where it's the 616 or Ultimate Universe. DC/WB has yet to be willing to step outside that Batman/Superman blanket of protection, which is now starting to faulter. It will look really bad on DC's behalf if Batman vs Superman is a failure and Captain America 3 and what came prior to it is a success. I don't think DC/WB would be able to recover. I'm praying and looking forward to being wrong, but it's never good when a movie is being fast-tracked and thrown together.

saiyiansreign823 4/12/2014 8:11:52 AM

 Sorry for any typos.

CaptAmerica04 4/12/2014 1:42:22 PM

D.C. has lost their goddamned minds.  Man of Steel got half-ass (at best!) reviews and grossed $668,045,518 worldwide in the course of 14 weeks (according to BoxOfficeMojo).

Captain America: The Winter Soldier has already grossed $336,608,000 in less than 2 weeks, and has gotten RAVE reviews.

Someone needs to talk to DC and Warners about the realities of math.  And that's BEFORE you factor in all the fanboy hate for Affleck as the new Batman.  And factoring in all the hype that we'll get from Avengers 2 next year, leading into Cap 3 the following year.

<smh>  I don't say this out of spite, but out of a wish for better DC films:  I hope they get smoked so that they start to learn and do things right.  I want to see a Justice League film in my lifetime, preferably one that doesn't suck.




Duckbeaver 4/15/2014 6:05:08 AM

 Marvel Vs. DC

Joker: "And here...we...GO!"

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