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Marvel's Mangaverse

Marvel's turning Japanese.

By Rob Allstetter     October 24, 2001

Marvel Mangaverse's Sons of Satan
© 2001 Marvel

Marvel Comics has released book-by-book details for its Marvel Mangaverse event in January, which puts a manga twist on its characters.

Following is a rundown of the titles, with synopses from Marvel.

Written, art and wraparound cover by Ben Dunn.
What if Manga artists created the Marvel Universe? Welcome to a world unlike any readers have seen before. A world populated with wild reinterpretations of your favorite Marvel characters - but a world also starved for energy. So desperate is the need that an Energy Well is built on Stark Island that will tap into an unlimited source in the Negative Zone. There is only one scientist that can tap into that source - a scientist named Bruce Banner! In this bookend issue, we introduce a cadre of characters that readers will see as brand new but also with a hint of nostalgia. Expect lots of cool stuff, such as: Hydra is teamed up with Namor to conquer the world!

Dr. Strange is a Victorian doctor with Tigra as his sidekick. Ant-Man is a rock star/super scientist. The Wasp is a brilliant inventor and occasional tease to Bruce. Iron Man is now Iron Girl. And the Hulk is a 20-stories-tall monster bent on destruction.

Written by Ken Sie-chong, art by Arnold Tsang, Alvin Lee, Omar Dogan and Shane Law, cover by UDON.

Led by the mysterious Tony Stark, the Avengers must race against time to retrieve the most powerful weapons on Earth before they are grabbed by Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen! Will they be able to save the world, or are they gonna lose it all? What is the secret behind the ultimate weapons?

Find out in the book that will redefine the meaning of "Avengers Assemble!"

Written by Adam Warren, art and cover by Keron Grant.
A shadowy program tests radical new technologies on the Moon. The test goes wildly awry, killing all but four of the young test subjects, wiping out the secret lunar base, and blasting a billiond of tons of the moon's mass into orbit! Now, gifted with reality-distorting "meta-talents," all four of the surviving test subjects fight invading anomalies as the Megascale Metatalent Response Team Fantastic Four. But the massive burst of energy that gave them their fabulous powers has drawn the attention of various entities from across the galaxy (and perhaps even from other realities). And these strange beings have dispatched forces to investigate humanity's use of potentially lethal new technologies - including the awesome Annihilus.

Written, art and cover by Chuck Austen. 
The greatest of all evils is loose in New York, and it's spreading its dark seed all over town! But it's not the gargantuan Hulk - it's the Enemy, the Prince of Lies, the Dark-Father... in more ways than one. Now his lustful ways have come back to haunt him as the product of his loins, the Sons of Satan, poor half-breeds who carry the Dark Blood, unite to rid the world of their father's influence. Ride along with them as Ghost Rider, Werewolf By Night, and Hellstorm battle all the forces of their father's Hell while trying to avoid the giant stomping feet of a 12-story-tall rampaging Hulk-monster.

Written by Peter David, art and cover by Lea Hernandez.
Meet Sosumi Brown.  In her regular identity, she's known as the strict, tough-as-nails principal of the Ikenobo School - but to the gangsters and seedy underworld elements in Japan, she's known as the paddling Punisher! 

When Tokyo's number one crime family summons up a demonic Oni to bolster their power, it's up to Sosumi and sister Hashi (along with Sosumi's trusty steed Kiso) to stop their hellish rampage.

Written, art and cover by Kaare Andews.
Teenage ninja Peter Parker has had to deal with a lot of stress in his life, but nothing could have possibly prepared him for this - his most trying test to date! Will the training he received from Uncle Ben be enough to avenge his Sensei's death?

Written by C.B. Cebulski, art and cover by Jeff Matsuda.
Brotherhood, betrayal, seasons, magic, religion... X-Men: Equinox incorporates overriding themes and ideas that are clearly evident in Japanese popular culture - all together in a coherent, kick-butt mutant story. Meet Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Rogue, Jean Grey and Moonstar - who combine magic and mutant abilities to make them darker and more dangerous than ever.

As for their villains, prepare for the coming of Magneto, in a form unlike any we have previously seen, Mystique, Beast, and Nightcrawler.

Written, art and wraparound cover by Ben Dunn.
The gargantuan Hulk must be stopped at all costs - even if it means that one of our heroes make the supreme sacrifice! What is the true nature of the energy spewing out of the Negative Zone, and will the combined might of the X-Men, the Avengers, Spider-Man, and our entire cast of Mangaverse heroes be enough to put an end to it once and for all?  Watch as science and magic go head-to-head in an all-out battle to end all battles! The fate of the world lies in the hands of a single individual - don't miss this, the final chapter in the Marvel Mangaverse.


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