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MARVELS Movie Preview

Preview to be shown this weekend at WizardWorld.

By Frank Kurtz     August 15, 2001
Source: Screem Jams Productions

Spider-Man battles the Green Goblin in David Riske and Scott Vladimir Licina's MARVELS preview.
© 2001 David Riske & Scott Vladimir Licina

If you'll be attending the WizardWorld convention this weekend, then you'll be able to check out a film preview based on the comic series MARVELS, as painted by Alex Ross.

The Uncanny X-Men in David Riske and Scott Vladimir Licina's MARVELS preview

Directed and animated by David Riske with music by composer Scott Vladimir Licina, the preview combines live-action with CGI that will allow the viewer to see, among other things, the Invaders parachute down into the Nazi stronghold, Spider-Man trying to save Gwen Stacy from the deadly clutches of the Green Goblin, Namor and the Torch battling high above the city, and the coming of Galactus. The preview will be running non-stop at Alex Ross Art.Com booth on the show floor.

The Silver Surfer in David Riske and Scott Vladimir Licina's MARVELS preview

To get a feel of what you'll be seeing, click on the thumbnails here and below to for preview screenshots.


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