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ChrisSmits 3/3/2010 7:29:37 AM

Wiseguy, cdale78, sure there's some bitching BUT (more importantly) this was said:

"Somebody’s gotta be buying these books, right? Tell us why we should be!"

That's the kind of thing nobody ever seems to be able to talk about. Every time a similar discussion is attempted, people just say "I like Marvel/DC, I don't care cuz I love (insert character's name)".

If I like a title or a character, I can tell you exactly why I like it or them.

Where you at X-Fans? Step up! Not for insults (at least not from me) but because it'd be nice to hear an explanation as to the appeal.


HunterRose 3/3/2010 7:33:29 AM

I'm not "bitching" about repeated story lines, my beef is with all the crossover and so called event books.

ChadDerdowski 3/3/2010 7:41:46 AM

Wiseguy and cdale - go back and re-read the second paragraph in this article. The part where I admit that this is just the curmudgeonly old man in me who likes to b*tch "just because". Honestly, I'm on the same page as you guys for the most part, in regards to the inevibility of repetition in superhero books.

I just think the X-Books suck.

In many ways, X-Men is my kryptonite. And I complain for the same reason that old school Spidey fans complain about OMD/BND - because deep down, I love those damn X-Men. I buy monthly superhero books and I know exactly how the deal works... "rinse and repeat" is no problem for me.  I just like to wash my hair with shampoo rather than Palmolive, that's all.

I mean... if I actually had any hair.  *sigh*

ChadDerdowski 3/3/2010 7:42:30 AM

Oh yeah, and Hobbs... no, I still haven't read Badger (hangs head in shame).

DarthDuck 3/3/2010 8:28:37 AM

This is what the X-Men do, they've been doing huge X-crossovers for years and years because people by them and they work.

I love the X-Men, in theory since I haven't been a regular reader of anything other than Astonishing in years.  Hoepfully after Second Coming things get more streamlined, I'd love to pick up X-books again.

everdreaded 3/3/2010 8:29:29 AM

 He y it's tasters choice yknow. Yeah i'll always gravitate back to the xmen one way or another, but the zeal i had for them isnt the same..don't know why..just seems like they are convoluted with alot and havent really moved forward, besides goin!

but i guess its a new age and audience...

isgrimner 3/3/2010 8:50:19 AM

I'm part of the reason many have a particular gripe about the X-books, I really only like them if Wolverine is involved.  Thus, the character is on like 20 teams, and gets misused half the time.  Still, I just don't care enough about most of the characters on the X-teams to want to read specifically about them.   There are a few that I like enough to follow by themselves, but not many.

cdale78 3/3/2010 8:52:46 AM

Chad, you don't expect me to read the whole article and comment on that do you?  I'm only going to pick out one part and expound on that.  Mostly I was speaking to the "grumpy ole" posters though. 

For the most part I agree, I'm not reading X-Men regularly.  For all the usual reasons.  Too many titles, and too much baggage.  I've liked some of Fraction's stuff, but it's still not the same as the "old days."  Hence, I don't buy them.   

The only stuff I like is X-Force (kick ass, simple premise) and X-Factor.  I enjoyed the Messiah Complex(?) crossover and the Utopia crossover.  But overall, it's average stuff. 

Ironically enough, I own quite a few original art from the current X-Men book because I like the way Land and Dodson draw the X-females

invisioner 3/3/2010 9:29:09 AM

 There is a reason why the heroes if greek myth, Norse, etc ran their course and ended. Leave em wanting more, but not giving it to them, unless you are a comic book company, who won't let their heroes die...and damn them, they dig up those Greek and Norse heroes and make them contemporary and screw them some more!

Darkknight2280 3/3/2010 9:50:48 AM

Im right there with you wiseguy! :)

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