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decepticons2 3/3/2010 11:37:37 AM

My question about comic books (Marvel/DC), is would they not sell more books if there were less series? It just seemed to me there are way to many stories. A lot of them not really important and turn a lot of readers off.

I don't know if the two comics I collected most (batman/xmen) are the worst offenders. But i have given up buying them. It's not a matter of affording them. I just felt like I was some how being robbed.

lister 3/3/2010 12:01:36 PM

The X-Men have zero traction. The move to SF lasted, what, six issues? Then they build Xtopia, or whatever? Now "everything you thought you knew" is going to change again? This is almost as bad as spending a year on X-Men Legacy just trying to find something to do with Xavier. Sleepy now.


lracors 3/3/2010 12:03:36 PM

Take a look at the history of Marvel and DC they are so event driven it is rediculous.  20 years ago you could read a stand along series and come to love it.  I'm one of those few who loved "The Thing" on his own after the events of Secret Wars.  Today events are the norm and it is way to hard to keep track of heroes, who's on who's team, which bad guy is now a good guy.  This is the primary reason that I gravitated to Ultimate Marvel, a do over but different.  I love that universe (hated Loeb's run but hey) nothing can be perfect but at least i know who's on 1st, 2nd and 3rd without getting hopelessly lost in a myriad of revised, reconned, and scrapped cannon of over 40 years of Marvel or DC.  Whew... anyway... X-Men i still like them and the fact that they toned down the rediculous number of mutants they had prior to the events of House of M, but i'm not compelled to find out more than i have to at this point in time.

cdale78 3/3/2010 12:33:29 PM

decepticons2, I've wondered the same thing also.  Are comics selling less because they're more adult and more continuity driven, or did all the readers leave and those readers that are older and more continuity minded were the only ones left to sell to?


creekwoodkid 3/3/2010 2:53:38 PM

The real rub comes when you pick up one of those side stories that is supposedly inloved with said event, and all you get is a mish-mash of short stories loosely based on a particle of what is actually going on. And, to make matters worse the artwork in said pieces-parts book is sadly lacking, so much so, that I cringe when I look at the price.

Case in point is this months X-Nation suckfest...I almost punched myself after trying to read that excrement.

creekwoodkid 3/3/2010 2:55:04 PM

Wow...I got so fired up I could not spell..."inloved" should be "involved".

lister 3/3/2010 3:20:28 PM

X-Nation is a terrible grab at dollars. Those kinds of anthology stories have maybe 1 good tale in the whole piece, and the rest is filler that may as well exist outside of 616.

acrossalloceans 3/3/2010 7:53:03 PM

oy, i really do miss the glory days of the X-Men. the past couple years have become increasingly depressing. Mostly all of the X-Men various lines were always my most anticipated buys yet not the storylines have been lacking so much substance thats been there for years. I really feel the minds behind the newer X-Men lines should really consider going back and working on a steady stream of good story telling then maybe think of a huge crisis event. Relax with trying to sell more books and focus on the idea of creating truly original and stories that will engulf the reader.


and odly enough, the part when you noted on all will unite, I would like to see Apocolypse. he's always been a huge fav. for me. I feel the whole Pheonix/ Jean Grey aspect has been driven into the ground.

ncatcollectible 3/9/2010 6:59:09 AM

this crossover is just another way for quesada to  make some more 3.99 comics. He has already stated publicly that they are going to continue to over charge for comics as long as people buy them. Wait for it...deadpool will be next!

treysome 3/24/2010 5:47:55 AM

I'm a huge X fan so I'm excited for this event.  It's been building for years and now it all ends here.

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