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MATRIX secrets spilled? Possible SPOILERS inside!

Could the first draft of THE MATRIX contain hints for the next two movies?

By Patrick Sauriol     June 09, 2003
Source: Creative Screenwriting

The May/June issue of Creative Screenwriting contains a fascinating article for fans of THE MATRIX films. In Jeff Goldsmith's six-page examination, the writer looks back at the first and second drafts of THE MATRIX as written by the Wachowski brothers and before the story had coagulated into the shooting draft. The Wachowskis' earlier scripts contain a number of story elements that were junked from the final product audiences saw in theaters, including Neo leaving a girlfriend and little brother behind in the Matrix, an explanation about the origins of the Matrix from a sentient computer program named Eve and different action sequences. One of the more interesting ideas revealed to have been included in these MATRIX early drafts is the idea that the Matrix runs from the years 1980 to 2009, then "reloads" back to 1980 and begins the cycle once again. That should sound familiar to RELOADED fans.

So could there be more ingredients from the discarded drafts we'll see return in THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS? George Lucas did the same thing when he put together the story for THE PHANTOM MENACE, recycling ideas and names discarded from earlier drafts of STAR WARS. There is one intriguing idea mentioned in the Creative Screenwriting piece that could be used somewhere in REVOLUTIONS, namely Morpheus' revelation that the so-called real world may in fact be just another Matrix. It would certainly explain some of the unusual events we saw take place in RELOADED, such as Agent Smith's escape to the real world and Neo's new abilities.

The MATRIX article appears in this month's Creative Screenwriting, on sale for $6.95.

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