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Matt Damon to topline Fincher's 'Torso' movie?

By Jim Harvey     September 04, 2008

An article from Cleveland's Plains Dealer discussing how a lack of tax breaks for the movie version of Brian Michael Bendis and Marc Andreyko's fact-based thriller 'Torso' contains a surprising nugget of information: Matt Damon is set to play Elliot Ness in the movie.

'Torso' tells of a chapter from Ness' later career, as safety inspector for the city of Cleveland, when a mysterious serial killer begins leaving dismembered corpses around the town.

In January it was announced that David Fincher ('Zodiac') is attached to direct.

According to the write-up, Paramount aims to film the movie in Cleveland, but is now balking due to the fact that they can get copious tax breaks elsewhere. Production may move north to Michigan, where new tax laws are attracting a huge influx of filmmakers.

Producer Bill Mechanic said, "It all comes down to what's the best place to get our movie shot for the least money. We want to shoot the entire movie, the interior and exterior shots, in Cleveland because that's where the action takes place and so we wouldn't have to relocate the crew. But without incentives, it doesn't look like we can afford it."

A bill introduced by State Rep. Tom Patton, Republican from Strongsville, could facilitate this, but the bill is still wending its way through the legal process.

According to the write-up, the 'Torso' production could add up to $100 million.


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