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axia777 11/7/2012 11:28:24 AM

Good idea noahbody.  Pete Jackson would do Star Wars proud.

ElBaz13 11/7/2012 11:34:21 AM

No Ridley Scott. I love his movies but he is older than Lucas!

Not that there is anything wrong with that age of directing (see Eastwood), a franchise movie like this is not meant for him.

Episode 7 needs a new fresh face that grew up witht he original trilogy and is a diehard fan. So essentially, an upcoming director in his/her early to late 40s. That's why I'm more cool with the rumours of Brad Bird, Matthew Vaughn, Andrew Stanton and Jon Favreau.

And no...please no Christopher Nolan. He would be better off directing a Bond film.


ElBaz13 11/7/2012 11:36:04 AM

I finally got to see Prometheus. I did a blind buy and bought it on blu-ray and was amazed. This is one gorgeous looking and sounding blu-ray.

No regrets here.


SarcasticCaveman 11/7/2012 11:43:11 AM

 I also am in the "loved Prometheus" minority.  I thought it was very well done, and after reading an in depth review written by somebody much smarter than me, I was able to see all the nuances I missed.  Very cool story.  I still think the people who hate it are the ones who were wanting a straight prequel instead of the start of a new franchise.  It was only part of a prequel franchise, people...that's why it seems so incomplete.

Anyway, I had no idea that Vaughn also did Stardust.  I love that movie - it's the closest that anybody has been to The Princess Bride since 1987.  Knowing that, and knowing that he can direct good action, I really don't mind this choice at all.

axia777 11/7/2012 12:16:00 PM

@SarcasticCaveman - I will now have to look for this Stardust movie you speak of.


SarcasticCaveman 11/7/2012 12:22:04 PM

 I really liked it...based on a graphic novel by Neil Gaiman, has Claire Danes, some newcomer guy who hasn't done much else yet, Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Mark Strong, and in one scene Ricky Gervais.  It's a pretty great movie for the right personality.

SarcasticCaveman 11/7/2012 12:24:11 PM

 *Note - I don't want to get your expectations too high with the Princess Bride comment - that's just how it struck me - a silly, quirky fairy tale type movie.  

momitchell7 11/7/2012 12:26:22 PM

Peter Jackson... hmmm. That's a very good idea!

Ridley Scott... 15 years ago, yes. Today, not so much. In fact, not at all.

axia777 11/7/2012 12:33:17 PM

Well, I love Gaiman so that is a good sign.  Danes is a good actoress as well.  I wonder if it is on Netflix.

SarcasticCaveman 11/7/2012 12:35:34 PM

 Possibly...I don't have Netflix or else I'd check.  If he does direct it, I have to wonder if Mark Strong will be in there somewhere...seems like he's one of Vaughn's go to actors.

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