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Matt’s Top 3 Icarus Titles of 2008

A look at the best titles from adult manga publisher Icarus Publishing

By Matthew Alexander     April 16, 2009

Aqua Bless
© Icarus Publishing

Matthew's been checking out the books from Icarus Publishing for a couple of years nwo and he's spent a little bit of time looking back at what they put out in 2008 and figuring out what's the best to put your hard earned money down on. After all, with manga like this costing more than most other titles out there, you want to be sure you get your bang for the buck.

left align imageAqua Bless
Author: Yamatogawa
Mania Grade: A-
Art Rating: A
Packaging Rating: A-
Text/Translation Rating: B
ISBN: 978-1934075227
Overall Hotness (1 to 5): 5:G-spot Rocker!!

After reviewing a lot of Icarus titles over the years, Aqua Bless received the highest Content and Art grade I have given. Obviously, art is a very subjective grade, however, Yamatogawa’s art is full of detail and varied female and male characters. The women come in all shapes and sizes and the sex is varied and hot. The stories are fun and the characters find themselves in various otaku fantasies. Whether it’s a fanboy having sex with his idol, or the kinky sex between to actors in a Power Rangers knock off show, the fun just never stops. Each story is a stand alone, but the last chapter brings all the characters together at the same amusement park, giving the story a decent ending. This is the perfect book for those new to ero-manga.

right align imagePlease Miss Yuri
Author: Syowmaru
Mania Grade: A
Art Rating: B+
Packaging Rating: B
Text/Translatin Rating: B
ISBN: 978-1-934075-16-6
Overall Hotness (1 to 5): 5:G-spot Rocker!!

Sometimes an ero-manga story comes along that is so good that Chris can’t help but weigh in with his opinions. Please Miss Yuri is just such a title. Much of this book follows a single story line with a few short stories rounding out the rest. The main story follows Jun as he tries to avoid his classmate Kaori and her infatuation with him. At some point, this avoidance lands him in a room with his teacher Yuri while she’s masturbating. The best way for Yuri to keep Jun quiet is to sleep with him. This turns into one sexual encounter after another, but what will happen when Kaori finds out? Fun consensual sex makes this a fun title with some great older woman sex. I can’t decide if the teacher or the nurse is hotter.

left align imageAfter School Sex Slave Club
Author: Tuna Empire
Mania Grade: B
Art Rating: A-
Packaging Rating: B+
Text/Translation Rating: B+
Overall Hotness (1 to 5): 5++:G-spot Rocker!!

I love Tuna Empire’s realistic art style and raunchy storytelling. Where Aqua Bless is cute and funny, After School Sex Slave Club is one kinky sexual situation after another. The girls are super hot and very realistically proportioned, no explosive breasts here (check out Blue Eyes or Juicy Fruits if that’s your fetish). I have a strong preference for ero-manga books that follow a single story over the anthology format. This book delivers as it follows Sayaka’s sexual antics in her after school club. But there is also plenty of variety as girls from other clubs get their kicks from servicing the men in their sports clubs, kind of a Debbie Does Dallas theme. This book is heavy on the orgy scenes, so that might be a theme that clinches this title as a must buy for some readers. __________________


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