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Diesel Talks RIDDICK Sequel (Article) - 11/4/2012 2:44:50 AM

man o man o man!!!! A SEQUEL!!!! was not expecting any sequels to ever come into fruition.or to hear confirming news about one.NEVER!.....THE CHRONICLES OF RID#ICK has always been a much enjoyed and favored sci-fi film of mine.ever since that last powerful "king rid#ick"(i am going to say)ending struck an "just epic,plain epic" chord in my movie goer/aspiring actor preferably for sci-fi projects(i hope one day) sensibilities that left me wanting more,an immediate sequel NOW!my inner action-sci-fi nerd said(but duh! these things take time.truly)Mr.DIESEL ROCKS ALL OVER AGAIN HAHA! MY NI#$A,MY NI&$A.HOPE THIS FILM IS DONE JUSTICE IN ALL ASPECTS OF MOVIE MAKING....HAIL KING RID#ICK!!!(GONNA MAKE SOME SHIRTS FOR THE EVENTUAL PREMIER)


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