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Unspecified Title (Article) - 8/5/2007 5:40:34 PM

the first two are fantastic movies ... and from what i have heard about this one ... it seems to be no different!~= cant wait to see it this weekend

Unspecified Title (Article) - 7/31/2007 4:53:39 PM

that ... was ........ amazing!

Comic Con: IRON MAN & HULK Videos (Article) - 7/30/2007 3:06:46 AM

god dammit .. the iron man video was gone by the time I got to this article.... damn damn damn ... but my oh my does the hulk looking fucking awesome. they really are moving in the right direction here! cant wait for these films, and hanso i beg to differ. while the new batman flick will surely be entertaining like its predacessor, these two films are of such high caliber that they might just squash TDK. only time shall tell

Some Details on 1-18-08 & Poster (Article) - 7/29/2007 4:17:10 PM

there are only a few movies i CANNOT miss next year, and this is the first i will see (mainly because it hits theaters early on in the year) i cannot wait to see this, iron man, and the incredible hulk. everything else can kiss off (and yes that includes the new indy movie)

Unspecified Title (Article) - 7/29/2007 4:13:40 PM

well i think that the simpsons will have one hugh box office weekend and that will eb its first and only bank. i had no doubt it would do well. i went and saw at midnight, and i can honestly say it was great. not the best but i never stopped laughing during the film. i have never seen an audience have more fun at a movie. (for those who said that about the pile of crap "transformers", get a clue, people talking durning the movie doesnt mean they are having fun or being entertained, alot of the talking is "why the hell are we watching this movie) the simpsons movie literally entertained the hell outta me.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 7/29/2007 2:25:25 AM

norton is a fantastic actor ... like spanners said "lets hope his writing chops are on par with his thespian skills." norton seems to be pushing this project into the right direction with his (and other crew members) visions. but ang lee thought he was doing the character justice with the original hulk film and look how bad that movie was. only time shall tell ... looking forward to this film

Proyas to Direct SILVER SURFER? (Article) - 7/25/2007 12:54:30 AM

there it is again! another article brought to us by his majesty daforce!! lol

Cruise to Play with EDWIN SALT (Article) - 7/23/2007 1:52:08 AM

so he gets kicked off of the film series he helps make famous, then goes and tries to get another film just like it

INCREDIBLE HULK Tearing Up Manhattan (Article) - 7/23/2007 1:47:15 AM

TKay, i dont get what you mean by your statement "Glad to see somebody else here who thinks the first one sucked" ......... EVERYONE thinks that movie sucked, i would be surprised to find someone that actually liked the HULK film. but all in all they seem to be uping the ante this time around, so here hoping for good things.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 7/22/2007 7:45:52 PM

muchdrama, girls are normally considered actress', and what the hell is up with daforce getting all of they big scoops now adays? not sure what to make of it, but this is the 4th or possibly 5th article that i have seen his handle attached too.


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