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May the 4th Be With You!

Star Wars Day is upon us!

By Robert T. Trate     May 03, 2014

May the Fourth Be With You!
© Lucasfilm/ Disney
Let me say it again: may the fourth be with you. Tomorrow is officially (or unofficially) Star Wars Day. You have probably seen that on numerous “Star Wars” friends’ Facebook pages already. This geek is, without a doubt, a Star Wars fan. However, I found myself in quite a quagmire as I may have exhausted every old topic on Star Wars. For Vader’s sake, I have even done the “Top 100 Star Wars Figures” (see column) and the “20 Most Loathsome” (see column). Fear not, this will not be a column dedicated to the “10 Best R2 Units”. Though as I write that... perhaps that will happen next year. 
Star Wars has always meant a lot to me. The film itself is wrapped in so many of my childhood memories. As I got older it started to find its way into my teenage years with the Zahn Novels. Then, in college with the release of the prequels each summer. Now there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see something of George Lucas’ creation. 
I thought I would really put myself out there and reveal my deepest and darkest secrets when it comes to Star Wars. Many of these things do have to do with toys one way or the other. Others do not. So let us go fourth. 
My Holy Grail of Star Wars Items:


I have written about the Holy Grails of action figures before (see column). My Holy Grail of Star Wars figures is a Blue Snaggletooth. Why? Ultra rare and the price for one today is close to $200. I know a store that has one and it’s just sitting there.  To be honest, I want my own Stormtrooper Costume more. I was close several years ago to getting one for free. Handed down from one friend to another who no longer wanted it. A Mom cleaning out an attic gave it to a cousin and it never ended up in my hands. I was so close. I have found them for sale online. I have also found sites that tell you how to make your own. I even once sat in on a 501st “Trooping” panel at a Comic Con. Why do I want one? Why not?! Just the hilarity of taking the armor to a variety of places is enough. Sure I could go to Comic Con and pose for everyone. Snore. I’d rather recreate John Lennon’s famous pose at the Statue of Liberty, Wear it to a football game, or show up at my nephew’s birthday party. The fun of the armor will be coming up with a variety of places and reasons to wear it. 
My Star Wars Dark Secret:


My first year out of college I had a great (and cheap) two bedroom apartment. I also had no roommate or live-in girlfriend. This meant I could decorate the entire place how I saw fit. I’ll cut to the chase, I had a Star Wars bathroom. Episode One had just finished its summer run and I picked up everything (yes, I mean everything) one could get for a Star Wars bathroom: bathroom rugs, toothbrush holder, soap dish, and of course a shower curtain. I decorated the walls with posters and pictures. I miss my little throne room. Currently, I am working on my next Star Wars room, a kitchen. 
The Day I felt the Dark Side:


Like many of you I camped out for Episode One. I was fortunate that my Uncle owned a movie theater and I could get my tickets through him. I went there the day of the screening, very early, and was first in line. My brother and all our friends showed up. At one point we were taking shifts between tailgating and waiting in line. It was a blast. My cousin (who has the same uncle through marriage) shows up and I graciously allow her and her boyfriend to get in line with us. They literally showed up at 10pm, where I had been there since 8am. As we were finally getting ready to go in her boyfriend tells me, “Boy, sucks that Darth Maul dies. He’s such a badass looking character”. Now, I had remained spoiler free since I read “Funeral Pyre for Qui-Gon” on the back of the soundtrack. I stayed away from the articles in every magazine and each was carefully preserved so that I could read everything the next day. No tid bit, since the reading the soundtrack, was going to ruin my experience. Then this “Nerf Herder” blabs this to me. I asked why he would tell me this with less than two hours to go? His reply was he figured I already knew. Even the thought of it now... well, I can feel the hate swelling inside of me...
Thank you eBay:


There have been many things from childhood that have found their way onto eBay. Almost all of the original Masters of the Universe figures. Even all my Transformers (except for Jazz because Jazz is the coolest) have been scattered to the wind. It still shocks me that nearly all of my GI Joes are gone. The Star Wars collection has remained untouched. In fact many items have been either added to the collection or replaced. I have purchased two Death Stars (both complete and in boxes) and picked up numerous rare figures or chase figures. I’ve even bought a few lots of figures to build onto my armies. That site has been a god send as it has replaced futile trips to numerous yard sales, flea markets, and over-priced collector toy stores. On occasion these excursions do produce some unique items (a Dagobah playset for one). However if I need a secret compartment piece for the Millennium Falcon, it only takes a quick net search and there it is. EBay can be a horrible pitch goddess sometimes but, when it comes to Star Wars, there is no place I’d rather look. 
May the fourth might just be one of those geek holidays; the one where a few of us wear a Star Wars tie to work, pop the John Williams soundtrack in and blast it. Maybe have a movie marathon or re-watch The Clone Wars TV series on Netflix. For this Star Wars geek, it’s a combination of all these and more. So today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life, may the force be with you.


PS. Don’t forget about Revenge of the Sixth on Tuesday. 

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millean 5/3/2014 8:12:31 PM

 Tim had his nerd card revoked the other day because he still hasn't seen Captain America 2 (and is the reviewer for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD).  Well, he may need to give Bob a call, cause I think he probably has an exta nerd card or two laying around (likely tucked away in his C-3PO figure case, cause that's where I keep mine).  :)

I really hope things didn't work out between your cousin and her boyfriend...

I really need to catch the latest episodes of Clone Wars.  I'm waiting for the Blu-Rays as I will not be suckered into Netflix again any time soon.



RobertTrate 5/3/2014 8:35:58 PM

 They didn't.

Redshirt1 5/4/2014 12:41:35 PM

I understand the desire to have a Stormtrooper armor costume. It is the coolest, and yet most ineffectual armor in the galaxy. It kind of reminds me of Col. Jack O'Neill in Stargate SG-1 talking about the difference between a P90 vs a staff weapon. The staff weapon was a weapon of intimidation, it was ment to scare your enemies. The P90 was a weapon of war, it was ment to kill your enemies. Stormtrooper armor is ment to scare your enemies, because it sure as hell doesn't work very well in war. Ewoks with rocks for god's sake!


6dra6on6 5/5/2014 8:04:42 AM

Star Wars day and not one showing of Star Wars on tv. Not on FX, not on Spike, SyFy was shwoing low budget horror films all day! WTF???

almostunbiased 5/5/2014 7:38:43 PM

I have boxes of Star Wars stuff I should sell as I never use any of it and my son doesn't care abut it anymore.



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