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5 Must Have X-Men Movie Villains (Article) - 12/10/2009 8:25:18 AM

I can definitely see Mr. Sinister and the Hellfire Club and the Reavers working in a series of X-Men movies, preferably all at once, Sinister needs an army son he can stay in the background, The Hellfire Club needs a centralized background figure pulling the strings to make them More scary. The Reavers just make awesome shock troops you could really bump up the violence without bumping up the ratings, sine they'd be pilling wires and motor oil not blood and entrails.

We could have Scott and Jean living in a Peaceful suburban life, free of all memories or experience of the X-Men or their battles, until one day Jean was up screaming, then both Jean and Scott see a horrific vision of Jean killing Scott Summers, and for the first time he ful Phoenix powers become active and she sends him far away from her to the only place the other Jean’s memories tell her is safe. Then the Hellfire Club bursts in using the Reavers to distract Jean while the White Queen hit her with a psychic last and Donald Pierce and the Black King hold her down and place a neural inhibitor on her head, leaving her both powerless and un conscious.

Scott Summers shows up on the door of Xaviers school for Gifted Mutants having no idea who the X-Men are or how he got there. Storm takes him in and uses their new telepath recruit Psylock to read his mind and figure out where he cam from and why he doesn't remember, she gets glimpses of the Hellfire club and Sinister in her mind. They start investigating.

Sinister has a Flashback where he is posing as a doctor taking care of Alex and Scott Summers after a terrible plane crash, he prescribes the ruby quartz lenses too cure Scott’s headaches, and taking his blood as part of the post crash physical. He takes Alex in as a Foster child preferring to watch Scott from a distance Maybe have another flashback to him posing as a Doctor for Jean's family and taking her blood as well. This would set things up later so that Alex could be working for Sinister, with Lorna as his Partner/lover. And plant a seed through the plane crash if they wanted to bring his father back as Coursair. Then go back to the Hellfire Club where they are trying to bring out Phoenixes full power again while turning Jean to the Darkside.

Her full power is unleashed but beyond their control because it's now enhanced b the near limitless psychic and telekenetic power of her of her unborn Son Nathan Grey Summers and she goes top the darkside and kills many of the Hellfire Club, possibly after the X-men find them and her and a battle ensues. Sinister enters he picture saying tha was what he planned because I would draw out the full near unlimited power of the unborn Nathan child. His Perfect Mutant and he would use to insure human evolution and/or rid the world of a greater evil he would not name(as in Apocalypse).  They all fight. Jean uses her and her child’s combined power to send the now developed but still unborn Nathan from her womb into the far future where she prays he’ll be safe from Mr. Sinister. Maybe have flashes of the future she sent him too and maybe reasons why she thought he’s survive just out of the womb. Maybe that lady who took Nathan in the comic could have contacted her from the future.   Thwen falls unconsciousd into ba coma or dies. 

Anyway Sinister leaves with Havok and Polaris saying that he’ll have to start over now. And Xavier shows up in the last scene explaining that it took him this long to figure out how to use the new body he took over and that that the only reason he took over this other person’s body comatose or not was because he needed to deliver a warning. When his consciousness was floating without a body after Jean killed him he sensed another presence in peril. Lilandra. And what he learned from that contact bodes ill for all the worlds of the universe not just Earth, and that he had to come back and warn the X-Men so they could stop it.

6 Rules for Rebooting a Star Trek TV Show (Article) - 12/9/2009 7:21:06 AM

I agree. It does really explore the galaxy vas a complete place with Traders and strippers and terroists and freedm fighters as well as diplomats and starship captains, they even had an underground crime syndicate, the Orion Syndicate in believe, which included humans. And it does first Roddenberry's vision I think. If Star Ttrek the Original series was Waggon trains in Space. Then Deep Space Ninbe takes the next step step by being Deadwood in space. Or a boarder town in Space. One of my favoritre moments in Deep Space Nine was whe Sisko was talkingtalking to Kira about how the Federation High Command couldn't unsdrerstand the Maqui, because it also described the main difference between Deep Space Nine and the other Star Trek Shows, He said they can be Saints and talk about always doing the right thing because they they live in Paradise and its easy to be a Saint in Paradise.


He could just as easily been talking about why they couldn't understand the Bajorans or why they couldn't understand Deep Space Nine and the things he and Kira have had to do to keep thing running. It ewven bore out when Earth was facing as Changeling infiltration and his Admiral friend tried to stage a coupe on the Federation President. Even saying that the fact that the Presisdent wasn't human made him insensitive to Earth's plight and problems. Deep Space Nine Posed real challenges to the Federations ethics that made those ethics and values more relevant and profound and ask relevant questions like how well does an affluent sociey like the Federation or America, really understand peoples and probems of the third world and war ravaged countries they're trying to help and on some level judge.

Ethicas and Values are great but they don't mean as much if they're never really tested.  Talk about free speech when your fighting when fighting for the rights of someone whose opinions you despise. 

Denzel Washington about to get ZAPT!? (Article) - 12/9/2009 6:30:19 AM

Zapped! I thought the same thing Hanso.  That's funny. 

6 Rules for Rebooting a Star Trek TV Show (Article) - 12/7/2009 11:58:34 AM

Deep space Nine as definitelyn he best of the Next eneration Universe series.  Maybe the best seris, it was well ahead f t's time, gbvng uscomplex moral delimas and complex charaters, it took the Genben Roddenberry concept and challengedit,  making it more ambiguous an more fascinating because to really took the conscept somewhere new.  Making a univere where the right choices weren't always easy or clear or even possible.  In some ways making the challenge more complex and viceral made the high ideals and the will to uphold them as best as possible seem even more noble and strong and the characters better for it.

Taking cultures seen as barbaric in other Trek series and really seeing what makes them tick and the context of their choies, giving eve enemies a certain nobility and respect.  Because they could always find something interesting too wth their excellent cast of charactes and cultures and histories of their races, they always camre up with strong orginial stories up until the end of their seven year run.  I think Ron Moore reall set  a strong foundation that the franchisde owners should have built on, instead they took a few steps back, with Voyger, their rah, rah Federation are the good guys approach seemed a little off putting after the more inclusive Trek Universe that Ron Moore created. 

Tron Team Enters BLACK HOLE (Article) - 12/2/2009 9:04:59 AM

Actualluy, I think what this movie really needs is a prequel. Think about it. This could be really awesome.

Open with tjhe commisioning of the Cyrgnus, and the vassembcling ouf the crew. Maybe cut to scenes opf Reinhardt making his big speech to Congreessm, fuor fubndiyng. Cut back to Reinhardt meeting CCApteain McKray at the dfocks or ther building of the ship. They taklkome thiongs layibng out their philosdhopies about science and the destiny of humanity. McKray is exited to explorwe the universe but sad to leave his fam,ily and young or newborwn daughter. Others cvoice objerxctions to the wnhole Enterprisde but go anyway cause they need the money.

Mauybner hsave somwe relativistic travel wit5h the captauin calling in and recievinhg messsagesd from hisd daufghrter andf erach one showes her yeaers older until she loks more like the Susan McKray we know fro thwe mobvie.

Have Reinhardt become increaingly obsessed with the blackhole they are approaching takign grater and greater risks with the crew and the lives of his research team and have Captain McKray become increasingly suspicious of him. Have Reinhardt becomes more and more isolated in his work room, show him working on one of the security bots, reprogramming it. Have the shell of Maximillian in the backgrouund behind his work bench. Maybe have him say at some point ikf olnly to himself that he's building the outer shell out of the radiation resistent material on the hull of the ship explainming why Maximillian is immune to laser fire.

When they reach the blackhole have one of the crewmen die during an attempt to probe or breach the blackhole.  Have McKray insist that they take the ship back to Earth and then Reinhardt makes his move. using his reprogrammed security bots and his newly minted Maxiomillian andgainst the shiops ccrew. McKray's resisteance does well against the security bots but when Maxilmillian enters the scene the tide tuirns as he's immune to laser fire.

Old Bob tries to use his drill against Maximillian but is shopty sdouwn by one of the other robots. Ed the battle bwith people being herded into ciontainmwent cells and then labotomized into obedient zombies. And havve have alsaedt shot of McKrtay fgloatinmg off in space wuithout his space vsuitye toward the black hole. Theqn years later show the crwew with their faceless masks and robes going quietly through their chores on the ship.  The ship is as we know it from the movie, deathly silent, they cut to the bridge, showing Reinhardt and and Maxilmillian looking at that big view screen seeing the Palamino in the distance.

Tron Team Enters BLACK HOLE (Article) - 12/1/2009 5:49:26 PM

I thought I saw some cloothes shredding with his papers, of course the real creepyu hing bout that scene was that Reinhasrdt ordered Maximillian to stop, and Maximillian loked right at him when he said it and kept on going, killing the Doytor against his human creators orders.

But three wrds ake this move brilliasnt.

Labotomoized Zombie Crewmen.

Hell, Even Alien didn't have that and it was R rated.  Seriously that is some creepy messed up stuff. Escapecially hen you see him try to do ththat  to the MacKray woman who was his Captain's daughter.  The light effect going  to a single point on the skull and those human shaped nests on the conveyor belt.

And the Cygnus was one of the most creepy sets I've ever seen.  Endless lines of black and brown  Like a mretal web rigid, frozen and quiet.  And the music just sends it all home. 

10 Video Games Recommendations for the Holidays (Article) - 11/30/2009 11:54:05 AM

Dragon Age PC versions Cheaper too. I got it for $37.98 on

8 Oh S*#t Undercover Movie Moments (Article) - 11/30/2009 11:40:46 AM

And eastern Promises was Awesome. 

8 Oh S*#t Undercover Movie Moments (Article) - 11/30/2009 11:22:00 AM

You forgot the best example. Wellington Yue. He played an instrumental role in the downfall of House Atreides, all so he coul get his wife back and get Duke Atreides in a position to Assassinate the Barron Harrkonnen.

Was it worth it. Well, yes and no. While his original plan with the poisoned tooth was an almost complete failure, though it did kill Piter Devries, and the Barron Harrkonnen had already killed his wife. However, his other Machinations secured the escape of Lady Jessica and Paul Atreides and the unborn Alia, the latter of who after much planning and attacking by the formers, killed the Barron with a poisoned needle she dubbed the Atreides Gom Jabbar. Thus, granting him his belated revenge in the downfall of House Harrkonnen and the death of his wife's murderer. Though his name would go down in infamy: "A million deaths were not enough for Yue." He would eventually get his revenge, which was the most he knew deep down he would get in the first place.

TV Wasteland: Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Article) - 11/30/2009 8:32:58 AM

Definitely Agree, Connor from Primeval is a great casting choice for the Mad Hatter. Have to say the trailers have been pretty cool for this. Like the look of the Mad Hatter's place and some of the other set designs. The whole psychodelic look really its the story.

Great to see Andrew Lee-Potts getting some out of Britain attention too. He's cool.


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