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McFarlane on Spawn, Torso, More.

By Jason Lethert     May 08, 2002

The 'Devil' himself sat down at hiscomputer a few weeks back to chat with the common folk about his massive success, andand more to the point, to hype the new documentary on him - Todd McFarlane:The Devil You Know. On USA, McFarlane typedaway, covering all his film and TV work. He even found time to say a wordon a certain wall-crawler he used to be associated with.

Right off the bat, McFarlane was askedhow he felt about the boom in comic to film adaptations. He said thatafter spending so much time in the medium and community of comic books, that"'s a thrill to see it get out to the public."

Of course there was also talk ofMcFarlane's favorite son - Spawn. When can we expect season four of the SpawnAnimated Series? "We don't have a deadline right now, but we havehopes for next year," McFarlane said. He also said they have some newvisuals in store for the next Spawn animation. "We're actuallytalking to some companies to see if we can give it more of a "Japanimation"look"

Live-action Spawn: a frank chatterfrom Jackson, MS told McFarlane he thought the first Spawn film"failed to capture the torment of it's title character," and askedwhat the creator thought of his first film project. Though McFarlane hasoften said the sequel would go in a different direction, he wasuncharacteristically humble:

"We were first timefilmmakers." (note: not only was it McFarlane's first film, it wasthe first and only film to date for visual F/X wizard Mark Dippe). "And we all tried our best. With some hindsight and a little moreskill on our side, I think we could have delivered more story instead ofdazzling with special effects."

On Spawn 2, McFarlane said"Columbia Pictures has the Spawn script I gave them for the second movie,which is a reinvention of the character as opposed to a sequel. I'msupposed to head in there next week to get their notes on the script."

Other properties: McFarlaneupdated the fans on the Brian Michael Bendis comic Book Torso, adramatization of the true story of Elliot Ness on the trail of America's firstserial killer. When asked if we'll se the film soon, McFarlane said,"We hope so! Again, in Hollywood you sell them the ideas and thenbegin development. Sometimes it goes quickly, sometimes it goesnowhere. We've just begun the process of looking for a writer to do afinal screenplay."

There was also mention of anothercollaboration with the creator of the Hellraiser films. "We've gotanother project that Clive Barker and I are working on based on the toyline wedid together that's called Tortured Souls.

Also, look for Todd's latest foray intofilm, in the suddenly controversially titled The Dangerous Lives of AlterBoys, starring Jodie Foster. In the film, a disadvantaged youthescapes through the wonder of comics, and that leads to a short animatedsequence directed by none other than McFarlane. "For people lookingfor [my] animation, I did about 10 minutes worth for that movie."

And finally, before he left, McFarlanealso chimed in on whether he was excited to see the new Spider-Manfilm. "Yes. On a fan level and also by the fact that Spider-Manwas the character that put me over the top in my career, too. I have anemotional tie to this character, too."

Todd Trivia: McFarlane,creator of many violent comic books, Film, and TV products, minced no wordsregarding policy on real-life guns. "I don't think we'd have death byguns if there were no guns. It's a pretty simple equation. I don'tbelieve our forefathers would have been quite as anxious about codifying theright to bear arms if someone had shown them how a submachine gunworks." McFarlane as social crusader? Break down the barriers, Todd!


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