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"McFarlane Dragons Series 5: Eternal Dragon"

By Mathew McKee     March 15, 2007

McFarlane Dragons Series 5: Eternal Dragon
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Todd McFarlane is known by toy collectors everywhere as the designer that revolutionized toys by setting a standard of detail and quality for smaller figures.  When Todd first came onto the scene most figures smaller that 12” were not very detailed and had little in the way of artistic intentions, and now any figure that isn’t a well sculpted masterpiece is regarded as garbage, or least lower quality.  One series of toys that is a prime example of McFarlane’s dedication to detailed figures is the Dragons line.  It takes place in a fictional world where men and dragons exist together; sometimes in harmony and other times at war.  This is an excellent series.  Each series comes with one dragon from each of the five clans (fire, water, berserk, eternal, and sorcerer) and a box set from one of the clans.  They also come with a book that gives some of the history of the world that the Dragons are from.  Each series builds on the world that they live in.  The latest installment is series five.

Series five has a strong emphasis on the interaction between dragon and human.  Almost every figure has either humans trying to capture or kill the dragon or humans and dragon working together.  The Eternal dragon figure is one of the later.  The scene this figure creates is a dragon flying over a forest. Such a scene is a nice change from the usual dragon on a mountain or dragon in cave scene you usually see.  McFarlane also gave the Dragon a passenger, which is a refreshing change from the usual battle scene. The figure creates a pleasant image of cooperation between dragon and human, as the dragon carries it’s passenger over the forest.

As is to be expected the detail on this figure is amazing.  The dragon itself is a gorgeous purple color.  And the wings have this ridging that makes them look very lifelike.  The dragon’s head is an absolute work of art.   You can see the expression on its face as well as the individual scales that make up the dragon’s skin.  The chain that is being used as a halter for the dragon is also finely detailed and makes a nice addition to the whole figure.  The scenery is also very well sculpted.  The forest looks exactly like a forest would from as high up as the dragon probably is.

The only down side to this figure is the limited display options, but that’s no surprise.  Todd McFarlane is also known for making toys that are closer to statues than they are to action figures.  The eternal dragon comes with a clear plastic stick that you mount the dragon on.  This allows it to “fly” over the forest. The dragon itself only has six points of articulation; all four of the limbs and each wing.  So, essentially the only posing options are flying over the forest with slightly different limb configurations.  This is absurd when compared to a line like Marvel Legends where all the figures are extremely poseable, but Marvel Legends doesn’t have the level of detail that McFarlane Dragons do.  The designers of a toy have basically two options: focus on the detail, or focus on the mobility and pose-ability.  When it came time to make that decision McFarlane decided on detail.  Over all I give the Series 5 Eternal Dragon a resounding A, and would recommend it to anyone who loves a good looking toy.


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