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McFarlane on 'Torso' and the new 'Spawn' movie

    January 18, 2006

In an exclusive intervew Todd McFarlane talked about the 'Torso' movie:"I think they are leaning towards in Matt Damon [for Elliot Ness]. Matt Damon [is] sort of young enough and he has that boy charm that would work. I mean if you are sort of talking big, sort of well known guys a guy like DiCaprio sort of fits that bill too"He also comments on the ever-in-development 'Spawn' movie:"I am currently writing that script and then once I get it done and rewrite it 3 or 4 more times then I can get it to a place that I like which is weird because the notes that have to come from Buddy is I am going to fund it myself so my schedule is to be behind the lens directing this thing before the end of this year."Parse that last quote as you will.More...


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