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Despite criticism, McG's eagerly awaiting Terminator 5.

By Jarrod Sarafin     August 07, 2009
Source: Christina Radish, IESB

McG, director of Warner Bros' TERMINATOR SALVATION(2009).
© Warner Bros

For the past two years, Warner Bros. Pictures and director McG have been living under the planned guidelines that this summer's Terminator Salvation was the first of a new trilogy based on the best-selling property. And apparently that continues to be the game plan for the director despite some heavy criticism leveled his direction after the latest installment pulled in average box office numbers ($341.3 million worldwide off a $200 mil budget).

While at this week's TCA event promoting the new "Human Target" series, Christina Radish at sat down with McG to discuss his immediate future. It seems that he continues looking forward to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and a fifth Terminator film for Warner Bros. When asked about possibly taking some time off here's what he says..

IESB: Do you want to take time off between Terminator films?

McG: It's interesting. Obviously, Michael Bay had tremendous success following Transformers, in a very short window. Sometimes people like to take time off, but I'm excited about the next installation of the story, in the Terminator idea.

So, for me, it's terribly exciting to get back out there and show a different face of that idea, and perhaps get out of the apocalyptic world and into a contemporary world. I think the audience is going to be very excited about our way in. I haven't talked to anybody about that yet. You're the first one.

To read the full story along with his thoughts on some of that fan backlash, click here.


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pilgram 8/7/2009 9:01:00 AM

I liked the new movie. It left me with a lot of questions that I hope will be expounded upon in the next one. I feel that the direction is good. I may be alone but I have very high hopes for the future with T5 and T6.

SgtTechCom 8/7/2009 9:02:33 AM


I really found nothing wrong with Salvation. I was glad someone finally stepped up and gave us the other side of the whole terminator mythos - The Future. Sure everyone's gonna compare to Cameron's Terminator movies. Jim's God to some people on this site. oooooo avatar lol Jim's T1 and T2 were kick ass no doubt about that. T2 will always be king.

With that said what MCG did was decent and a find tribute to Jim's movies. It was way better then T3. Not as good as the TTSCC tv show but still a good movie.

Im eager to see what they have instore hopefully move along to the plasma rifles and armies of T800s.

Bale's awesome he's total kick ass as Conor and I can't wait for some more.


Darkknight2280 8/7/2009 9:14:13 AM

There was nothing wrong at all with Salvation..well maybe that i wanted a long battle with Arnolds skin intact..but thats it. It was a good story with great characters, great special effects and HUGE action. Cant wait for the next one! :)

scoxocs 8/7/2009 9:22:26 AM

Maybe he'll actually progress the story, instead of just running circles around it.  Salvation was too much fluff.

hanso 8/7/2009 9:26:03 AM

Fuck yea!  More Terminator bring that shit ON!  Terminator Salvation was a summer movie ok, it was FUN! Awesome, awesome shit.

Christian Bale screaming all his motherfuckin lines as John Connor?  Great!  I personally didn't give a shit about what he was saying anyways as long as there was shit blowing up on screen.

Open heart surgery in the middle of the desert!?  Yes sir, totally fun!

Skynet knows who Kyle Reese is, captures him and doesn't kill him?  Made perfect sense to me as long as the humans were kicking some terminator ass.

John Connor is in a Terminator factory and only has to fight one Terminator to get out?  Who  cares, the only one he fought was a CGI Arnold baby!

Please, McG bring the FUN back to the summer season! 


Hobbs 8/7/2009 9:29:23 AM

There was LOTS wrong with Salvation as has been gone over time and time again.

This series has turned into a joke, James Cameron is rolling over in his grave...oh that's right he isn't dead yet but another one of these movies might just put him 6 feet under.

Remember an old "B" movie called Trancers.  It wasn't a bad "B" movie but they made about 6 of them and each one got worse and worse that to watch any more means to go blind.  That's what the Terminator movies have turned into.  It's a cash cow, story and cannon have been left in the dust and all that's left is crap.  They can be thankful for the overseas market, thankfully Americans are smart enough (well most of us) to realize how much Salvation sucked. 

hanso 8/7/2009 9:33:52 AM

I rewatched Terminator 2 to see if it was more fun than Terminator Salvation.  Guess what it wasn't!   I can't watch Terminator 2 anymore without thinking how much NOT FUn that movie is.

This James Cameron character sucks ass next to the great McG.  He had this weird father/son relationship going on in that film.  Bored me the fuck out.  I was like, why  the hell ain't this Terminator beating bitches down already?


Skroin 8/7/2009 9:41:19 AM

I've yet to see Salvation.....I'm gonna save that for a rental.

But judging by some of the things I hear, seems to me that McG should just stick with having a hand in Supernatural and leave everything else be.

hanso 8/7/2009 9:47:22 AM

Oh Skroin, you don't know what you are missing.  Are you not for FUN movies man?  FUN, ACTION and SUMMER FILM, what more could you ask for?  You really missed the boat man, I shall pray that a theatre near you still has it and you can go see it.

McG is great, he's just misunderstood because people can grasp the level of FUN he brings to his popcorn films.

DaForce1 8/7/2009 10:03:07 AM

Again, you people that liked JJ Abrahm's version of Star Trek have no ground to stand on in saying that Salvation was shit and plothole-ridden. So STFU.

I'm glad McG will be back, because there are quite a few questions that were brought up with Salvation that need to be answered. Namely (and SPOILERS for anyone out there who still hasn't seen it): How in the hell did Skynet know about Conners and Reese? How did Skynet get the T-888 online ten years before Reese said they first started appearing (he said this in the original Terminator)? What was that machine that the terminator was trying to force Reese into (instead of just killing Reese)? What did Skynet mean when it told Marcus he was the first terminator designed to infiltrate and BRING BACK humans (because as far as we knew, they just killed humans)?

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