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McGregor's DETECTIVES INC. film debuts in San Diego

The creator of Sabre and Lady Rawhide debuts his new independent production at the biggest con of the year

By Arnold T. Blumberg     July 11, 2001

© 1999 Don McGregor

Comic book fans know Don McGregor as the man behind Sabre and Lady Rawhide. Some may remember he also scripted some of the Black Panther's exploits in Marvel Comics' JUNGLE ACTION as well as Killraven's AMAZING ADVENTURES. A figure of some importance in the crusade for creators' rights in the medium, McGregor is also the mind behind DETECTIVES INC., and now that comic book series is making the leap to the silver screen, courtesy of...Don McGregor!

On Friday, July 20 at 4:30pm, the San Diego Comic-Con the largest and most well-known comic book and genre entertainment convention in the world will host the premiere of a feature film version of DETECTIVES INC., written and directed by McGregor himself. Starring Alex Simmons, Richard Douglass and Marsha McGregor as familiar characters from the graphic novel, DETECTIVES INC. A TERROR OF DYING DREAMS, the movie received a 21 minute sneak preview at last year's annual James Bond Weekend, where it was greeted with considerable enthusiasm. As you might expect from a man who nursed the project from print to film, McGregor was quite pleased.

"There were gasps at shots I had thought would provoke gasps," says McGregor. "It was great. The vocal concern to what happens to our intrepid trio of Denning, Rainier and Deirdre convinced me I should go forward. So, with the invaluable help of Paul Scrabo, I was able to finish the film I'd begun long ago."

In the movie, Bob Rainier and Ted Denning are private investigators hired by Deirdre Sevens, a social worker, to look into a domestic violence case. The investigation takes them from the suburbs of Flushing Meadows, Queens to the boardwalks of Coney Island Brighton Beach. With McGregor at the helm, strong characterization and a touch of murder are bound to be elements at play in this independent production, whose screenplay actually served as the basis for the graphic novel which preceded it to the market rather than the other way around.

The film premiere will be followed by a discussion period. Convention goers are not required to pay a separate admission for the film premiere, and further details can be found in the convention schedule or by visiting


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