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Media Blasters Adds April Anime Releases

Kashimashi dub due and more high definition Moribito

By Chris Beveridge     January 07, 2011

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Media Blasters has laid out their April anime plans for the mainstream titles by introducing the Kashimashi dub complete collection and the second collection for Moribito on Blu-ray. The DVD release of Kashimashi is really quite nicely priced with it being a $25 set that has the entire series with the brand new dub on it. And for those that avoided the lengthy 8 volume release that Moribito had and fell through on a previous collection option, the new Blu-ray edition of the second half has a good price to it as well with 13 episodes for $50 list in high definition goodness. If there's a series that should shine even more in this format with extra detail and potentially an even more amazing soundtrack, this is the one. 

Cover Art Title Release Date Runtime Price Studio Format
Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl Vocal Collection 04-26-2011 325 mins $24.98 Media Blasters
Moribito: Guardian of the Sacred Spirit Part 2 04-12-2011 325 mins $49.98 Media Blasters

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Calibur454 1/7/2011 8:32:18 AM

yep and K-on wont come out till late this year or sometime next year and that is if we are lucky - SIGH



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