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Media Blasters Delays Some March Titles

By Chris Beveridge     January 20, 2009

Ah! My Buddha Vol. #2
© Media Blasters

Media Blasters has sent out notice that they've had to delayed a couple of releases from their March schedule into April, which is the second month in a row where titles have been changed or delayed. On the anime side:

        Ah My Buddha Vol 2
                Item no. AWDVD0910, UPC 631595091076
                New street date: 4/21/09 (was 3/17/09)

        Voltron Vol. 8                                                                                 
                Item no. AWDVD0909, UPC 631595090970
                New street date: 4/28/09 (was 3/31/09)

 For those that follow their live action titles, which includes their first Blu-ray release, these titles are seeing delays as well:

        Art of The Devil 3
                Item no. TSDVD0910, UPC 631595091083
                New street date: TBA 2009 (was 3/24/09)
        Ichi The Killer Blu-ray                                                                                                      
                Item no. TSBD0911, UPC 631595091182
                New street date: TBA 2009 (was 3/31/09)
         Martial Club
                Item no. TSDVD0905, UPC 631595090581
                New street date: 3/31/09 (was 2/24/09)
        Nuns Of St. Archangel
                Item no. EDDVD0906, UPC 631595090666
                New street date: 4/21/09 (was 2/24/09)
        One Missed Call Final
                Item no. TSDVD0908, UPC 631595090888
                New street date: 4/28/09 (was 2/24/09)
        Psychos In Love
                Item no. SSDVD0909, UPC 631595090994
                New street date: 4/28/09 (was 3/31/09)
        Rareflix Triple Feature Volume 4 (Boogie Vision, Lightning Bolt and Transformed)
                Item no. RFDVD0902, UPC 631595090291
                New street date: 4/28/09 (was 2/24/09)
        Terror Circus 
                Item no. SSDVD0900, UPC 631595090093
                New street date: 3/31/09 (was 1/27/09)


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