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Media Blasters Delays Titles

By Chris Beveridge     January 03, 2009

Berserk Collection Remastered
© Media Blasters

Media Blasters has announced a few street date changes for some of their titles this past week. What's interesting is that for a couple of them, they were supposed to street either a month ago or a couple of weeks ago while the other is due out this week. We've heard that some places may see the Berserk set early as it's essentially a done and finalized product and retailers may just push it out prior to street date depending on when they get it, particularly since it's a "familiar" title to them and not a new release in a sense.

Tweeny Witches True Book of Spells - Current Street Date 12/2, now will be 4/7/09. 
Berserk Complete (Remastered) - Current Street Date 12/23, now will be 3/10/09.
Tweeny Witches the Adventures  - Current Street Date 1/6, now will be 2/17/09.



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