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Media Blasters & Kitty Media February Solicitations

Re-releases abound

By Chris Beveridge     November 04, 2009

© Media Blasters

Media Blasters and sister label Kitty Media have had their newest round of solicitations come out today for the month of February 2010 and it's pretty quiet. Outside of on title, everything is a re-release in one form or another and even the one exception sort of isn't. On the Kitty side, the company has picked up a few more NuTech Entertainment titles with Words Worth and Inma Seiden and on the Media Blasters side it's more LiteBox editions. The one semi-new title? Dairugger. The listing for it isn't clear, it doesn't say it's a first set but it covers 18 episodes out of the 52 episode series. It also only lists English as the language in the solicitation when this should be the first Japanese language presentation of it in uncut form instead of its Voltron form.

Cover Art Title Release Date Runtime Price Studio Format
Inma Seiden: Legend of the Beast of Lust 02-23-2010 180 mins $24.99 Kitty Media
Word of Words Worth Collection 02-16-2010 150 mins $34.98 Kitty Media
Words Worth Outer Story 02-16-2010 60 mins $19.99 Kitty Media
Dairugger Collection 1 (w/Collectors Box) 02-23-2010 450 mins $34.99 Media Blasters
Gaogaigar Season One LiteBox 02-09-2010 625 mins $29.99 Media Blasters
Girls High Complete Collection LiteBox 02-09-2010 500 mins $19.99 Media Blasters
Ramen Fighter Miki LiteBox 02-02-2010 300 mins $19.99 Media Blasters


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