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Media Blasters Picks Up Queens Blade, Ikki Tosen S3

New "accidentally announced" licenses

By Chris Beveridge     November 10, 2009
Source: Mania

Queen's Blade
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Catching up a little bit from our trip to Nekocon, John Sirabella made an accidental announcement late last week on our forums that his company, Media Blasters, has two new shows coming up sometime next year and they will have dubs on it. In the discussion thread, he had this comment:

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Default Re: ICv2 Article on Navarre/Funimation: "Sales Down, Profits Up"

Originally Posted by Fencedude View Post
Originally Posted by johnsirabella View Post
Like queens blade will get a dub and so will Ikki tossen season 3.
Hold on, what?
Oopps...oh well yeah we got it
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insaneben 11/10/2009 10:37:19 AM

Ye gods.

So, Clannad (and After Story) doesn't get a dub, Kage Kara Mamoru remains unlicensed, and nobody's rescued the license for Gun x Sword?

And yet, two of the worst shows to ever grace the anime medium not only get picked up, but also receive an English dub, from a company once associated with hits like Rurouni Kenshin, Berzerk and Magic Night Rayearth? What the hell? When did logic and good sense take a flying leap out the window of a 20-story building? Given all the negative publicity surrounding Queen's Blade along (not to mention all the possible protests from over-zealous parental groups), this is only going to drive anime in the U.S. further into a niche market.

METR0lD 11/10/2009 12:11:53 PM

 This is great news as far as I'm concerned. Pretty much anything Media Blasters puts out with a dub will get my money. It's what I want from them, and I'll prove it to them with my dollars.

trunksgotenfuse 11/10/2009 12:21:51 PM

Yes. Finally a dub from Media Blasters. Can someone say pre-order? I am all over that.

BTW - PLEASE re-release clannad with a dub. I'll pay in advance. Thanks :)

Hectotane 11/11/2009 4:44:07 PM

You know...  This goes back to that "SaiMoe" contest held at that one site.  One of the guys who ran it had a gigantic hissy-fit because his favorite characters LOST.  Not just LOST LOST, but his favorite characters from CLANNAD LOST to characters from Rosario Vampire.

He then went and destroyed a month's worth of his own site data before going "OOPS."

Sex sells.  And characters who are "easy" to deal with are more popular than those who are "difficult."

Yet my argument still remains:  T&A; but at the expense of shounen and good writing, and better franchises will crush you.

Calibur454 11/14/2009 7:33:21 AM

This type of thing doesn't surprise me. With the exception of a couple of sure fire hits like Genshiken companies can't be sure of what will hit or miss in the anime market and the cost of Dubbing is risky for most companies with the economy right now. I have a feeling that once the economy seetles down in a few years (or so I hope) they will re-release these titles with an english dub and complete set.

That is my own feeling about it anyway.



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