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Media Blasters Re-Enters Yaoi/Boys-Love Market in 2011

A full line-up to be revealed after the new year

By Chris Beveridge     November 21, 2010

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After a round of layoffs back in March of this year and a number of internal changes to streamline operations and get things on track, Media Blasters announced via Twitter today that they intend to re-enter the manga market with their Yaoi and Boys-Love manga line in 2011. Details aren't available yet but they're indicating they'll have a line-up available for fans after the new year.





Media Blasters, Inc.
We will be restarting our Yaoi/BL manga line in 2011, a full line-up will be available after the new year! Happy Holidays. :-)

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sunflower 11/21/2010 2:13:52 PM

Yeah, there were a bunch of rumors floating around at yaoicon, and Jennifer at The Yaoi Review did the legwork to get them to give us an answer that even the Japanese publishers couldn't get out of them. However, different representatives within the company are giving slightly different answers, some not so straightforward, so people may want to wait before celebrating.

TheYaoiReview 11/21/2010 2:25:19 PM

I'll assume it's my link that is causing the issues with posting. Either way, I posted a link to my post in your forum where I have the official comments from Media Blasters' Sales Department Manager and also some follow up commentary by Ayano Yamane. 

~Jennifer LeBlanc




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