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Media Blasters Sets Queen's Blade 2, Mazinkaiser SKL Dates

Two new anime series set for May release

By Chris Beveridge     February 03, 2011

Queen's Blade 2
© Media Blasters

Media Blasters has put out some slim but interesting information today on a pair of non-hentai releases they'll have coming out in May. First up is Mazinkaiser SKL which has the three episode OVA series that's just out now in Japan coming to DVD for $19.98 with Japanese language and subtitles only. When originally announced, there was hopes for the Blu-ray as well, and those are not dashed, but considering the price point it would be offered at, it's little surprise that it will likely come later in the year after the first round of buyers in Japan grab all the releases. Far more interesting as it shows again how Media Blasters intends to shift away from singles a bit more is Queen's Blade 2. With the first season having just finished, the second part starts in May as well and they're offering up the first half of the series, in bilingual form like the first season, for $24.98 for the six episodes. Comparatively, this means you get the 12 episode series with extras and dubbed for $50, which is where a lot of sub-only single full sets are coming from. Most bilingual full season sets are priced between $60 and $70, making this an attractive deal. Providing you like the content. 

UPDATE: TRSI has updated their listing of Mazinkaiser SKL to be a bilingual release.

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ScrappedAeon 2/3/2011 1:14:52 PM

Very happy with the Queen's Blade news.  It's cheesy good fun.  Here's hoping they'll put the second season on Netflix too.

Richard J. 2/3/2011 8:09:09 PM

I'm glad Queen's Blade's been confirmed to continue getting the bilingual treatment.  The English dub is surprisingly good and that series itself actually has more than just fanservice going for it.  (The fanservice is the cake of course but there is a nice character-development icing.)



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