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  • Episode: Partners in Crime
  • Starring: Patricia Arquette, Jake Weber, Miguel Sandoval
  • Written By: Robert Doherty, Craig Sweeney
  • Directed By: Vincent Misiano

MEDIUM: Partners in Crime

Stephen's review of the latest Medium

By Stephen Lackey     April 18, 2008

Patricia Arquette stars in MEDIUM.

It’s been a while since Agent Cooper (no, not that one) was first on Medium and he’s been missed. If you don’t remember, he’s the FBI profiler that tracks down killers and distributes his own brand of justice upon them. Alison was never able to get tangible proof against him so he just got away with murder and the credits rolled. This week the show starts off with Alison having a dream about Cooper and a killer stalking each other in a hotel room.  Often, Alison’s dreams are portrayed ambiguously so as not to give the big moments of the climax of the episode away in the opening minutes. This week’s dream is a failure though- it’s obvious that Cooper is killed even if the dream attempts to leave his potential death open.

An interesting idea would have been to blatantly show Cooper’s death in that opening dream and then the episode and investigation could be the days and moments that lead up to his death. Alison could have told him the death was coming but he wouldn’t change his methods because as much as he’s willing to kill for the greater good, he’s also willing to die for it. The writers unfortunately chose a path that led to an anticlimactic death for an intriguing character. For a show like Medium, death doesn’t mean an exodus so we see Cooper again, and I hope we’ll see him occasionally in future episodes.

Alison decides to work with Cooper on his current case in hopes of catching the killer and protecting him from Cooper’s cowboy justice. Obviously, things go awry and while Cooper’s death was anticlimactic Cooper’s post death machinations are really well executed. In the future will Alison work with Cooper if he reappears knowing full well what Cooper’s true goals are?

While the case continues, Joe is pushing forward on his invention by getting a meeting with venture capitalists hoping for funding. The group as a whole turns him down but there is one interested party looking to strike out with Joe on her own. Kelly Preston plays this new investor and I’m really frustrated with her character because it’s way too obvious where the writers are going with her. She’s in the series not just to pull Joe out of the slump he’s in, but also to cause some tension between Alison and Joe. It’s easy to see it coming: an attractive lady who Joe has to work late with who also has a lot of respect for Joe’s ideas- it’s on the way so just get ready for it.

“Partners in Crime” put two characters together in a buddy cop situation that was really interesting to see. Hopefully, the writers will find a way to bring Cooper back for future installments in his new role as an all knowing spirit. It’s good to see Joe finally evolving into something more than the sad sack he’s been for so long, but I hope he isn’t moving into cliché country. Bridget, the true star of the show, was hilarious again this week!


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theCOLLECTOR 4/18/2008 2:42:52 PM
I want to watch this show. Is it good? I mean, is it good and not CORNY? I start watching Bones, and I have to admit, it is ok and I like David....but Emily Deschanel is just not the right actress for that show. I want to like it. I think I am getting there and I am interested in this show...but it seems like the Ghost Whisperer to me and I cannot stand that show.
oldnewbie 4/20/2008 9:05:29 PM
"Ghost Whisperer" is "Medium-lite". It has nowhere near the depth, story development, or caliber of actors "Medium" has. Believe me, I resisted it for the first couple seasons, but now am an avid fan. Go for it!


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