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ElBaz13 8/6/2010 9:03:23 PM

I'm not sure why you are trashing Marvel for being so cheap with Chris Evans. If Chris Evans got the shaft, then why did he sign in the first place? It's not like Marvel put a gun to his head. Marvel Studios had to hurry to find the man to play Steve Rogers and all of the actors who auditioned were not satisfactory so they got desperate and got Evans to do the role. The funny thing is, Evans was the biggest name between all of the contenders and never auditioned. He had leverage to bargain with a desperate Marvel but he accepted the deal. He accepted 300k for Cap! Now from what we know about this deal, I think people are confused that he is getting paid 300k for 9 movies. The remaining 8 are options. So, I'm sure there is something else in the deal we don't know. Just because its 9 movies, it doesn't mean he will headline all of them. Maybe some are just cameos or small appearances. Sam Jackson's mega deal included Iron Man 2 and guaranteed, he probably spent less than 1 week or two on the set.  So if his deal is 300k per movie, then that 300k for a 10 minute scene in the Ant Man movie would be pretty sweet cash for him for easy work.

So to say he got the shaft and Marvel suckered him and his career is a little premature for now.


Inferno 8/7/2010 5:00:13 AM

Sigh, no surprise here. I love the way you guys are pointing the accusatory finger at WB and DC.

First of all DC has nothing to do with the decisions Warner Bros makes, in fact, now that they have someone from WB running DC comics they're hands are more tied than ever. Secondly, WB was pretty happy with Sherlock Holmes and wants a sequel. Who starred in that movie again? Hmmm... So pissing RD.Jr now would ruin their chances at making a sequel

As for Reynolds, if Deadpool ends up being as a ridiculous as Wolverine he might as well stick with Green Lantern. At least that movie has better writters and a better director. Why would WB need to take away from FOX anyways? FOX already did a great job  losing the Terminator and star wars distribution to WB.

You guys are gonna have to face it. Marvel was stingy before and Disney's track record at live action films hasn't been to great in the past, so obviously everyone's nervous. 


askanison40 8/7/2010 7:34:52 AM

I have to agree with ElBaz13 & Wiseguy here. JF is an Executive producer on "The Avengers". While that alone doesn't mean he isn't harboring some ill will toward MARVEL/Paramount (I personally think it has more to do with Paramount-"last airbender" anyone?), I was @ Comic Con and JF was TOTALLY stoked for Avengers. And while he's a good actor, the level of fanboy excitement he had for the movie cannot be faked IMO. The movie is two years away and it is garnering more hype than movies scheduled for this year and next year. Warner Bros can't be happy with that fact. All families have disagreements and arguments. MARVEL is no different in that regard. But one needs to consider the source. I anxiously await "Green Lantern" (as he is one of my fav super heroes), but the movie/prodoction is not getting the type of hype one would hope for for a movie like this and I think Warner Bros is worried.

Inferno 8/7/2010 7:50:45 AM

askanison, Iron man 2 was hyped and it made a little more money than Iron man but cost 60 million more, Sherlock Holmes was as profitable as Iron man 2. WB doesn't need their DC comics franchise to make money and that shouldn't worry them at all. They should be more worried about balancing their books. After all, Constantine was more succesful than the Hulk and Superman so hype doesn't amount to anything. It's just another word for something that looks interesting in someone's own personal opinion.

X-men was also more succesful than Batman Begins but Wolverine made as much as Batman Begins. Hype is overrated.

Rheul_home 8/9/2010 9:15:53 AM


I hope Reynolds is kept from doing Deadpool. Hopefully long enough for the rights to revert back to Marvel. Fox has disgraced the X-Men franchise enough. I'd hate to see that abomination of Deadpool get any more screen time.


I don't think GL will flop but I don't think its gonna be the blockbuster DC is hoping for either.

@muenster - I think that the zombie thing is getting a bit overdone myself. That being said, The Walking Dead is a zombie story done right. It is pretty much the most consistently well written book out there. It focuses on the survivors emotions more than most other zombie stories. Most zombie films and stories focus on gore, cheap scares, and gun battles. While TWD has its share of those things they are always well placed in the story and are never what the story is about. The zombies could be substituted for sort of disaster and the story would be just as good.


nikkilove123 8/9/2010 2:09:31 PM

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scytheofluna 8/12/2010 3:24:01 PM

Walking Dead is ONE OF the best zombie comics out there?  I hate to correct a fellow zombie buff, but it is THE SINGLE GREATEST PIECE OF ONGOING ZOMBIE FICTION EVER.  OF ALL TIME.  FOREVER.

Though if you can suggest something that's in this vein and equally riveting, I'd love to be proven wrong.


Sorry...  I just can't quit reading it.  I have been carrying around the first five hardcover collections of TWD and a copy of World War Z and I just can't make myself read anything else.  People will try to lend me things to read, often things I'd probably enjoy okay, but I just can't pry myself away.

I really hope that for the most part they stick to the books with the show.  I don't mind some detours, but you've gotta' have all of the main characters.  Andrea and Michonne are my favourite characters aside from Rick, but you've gotta' have a solid guy for Tyreese.  Later on hopefully we'll get to meet the Governor and Abraham and his crew.  I just love these books to pieces.

scytheofluna 8/12/2010 3:53:38 PM

Muenster et al,

Zombies are very much like other horror genre staples in that movies about zombies can either be very very good, or very very bad.


The Walking Dead, World War Z, and even Zombieland are great examples of what makes this genre appealling, and it's because they are driven not necessarily by the gruesome physical reality of the situation the characters face, so much as the practical realities of the situation and the inevitable human responses.  The Walking Dead is very much a survival story.  These people fight to live every day in a world that is largely populated by the undead.  Finding food, shelter, weapons, these are the primary concerns, but as the story develops and things begin to snowball the exploration of human nature (love, jealosy, revenge, instinct, loyalty)  all of these things are explored in a way that really hasn't been done to it's full potential in very many zombie films.  This is a story about what people do when every moment of their lives is one they steal from the dead.  Human conflicts and betrayals are really the central theme here, and that's what elevates the best of this genre above even the best vampire or werewolf films.

Zombies aren't sexy like vampires, and they aren't empowering like werewolves.  Zombies are tragic.  They're your friends, your neighbours, the girl who checked you out at the grocery store.  They're your mom, and your brother and pretty much everyone else you ever knew.  It isn't the blood, or the gore that speaks to me, but the   play of human nature against a crisis like humanity has never faced. 

World War Z takes this exploration of human nature in the face of extinction and examines humanity under siege from the undead on a global scale.  In traditional interview format the author "interviews" everyone from world leaders, intelligence operatives, frontline soldiers responsible for city defense during the initial days of the war.  Every contingency is thought out and it really is as if someone was interviewing survivors of a world wide catastrophe.  From a pharmaceutical businessman who knowingly sold a placebo cure for the infection, to the detailed accounts from soldiers, mariners,  and all manner of survivors the world over.   Even if you couldn't care less about zombies, you owe it to yourself to read The Walking Dead and WWZ

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