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InnerSanctum 1/20/2011 7:24:37 AM

 Oh, so it is taking its cue from Madmen the TV series...but, with mutants.  Magneto's helmet is more true to the comics.  And, I like the costumes much better than the leather attire that Singer used.  

jamiekage 1/20/2011 7:27:26 AM

Is X-Men gonna have Cyclops in it?  I don't see his name on IMDB, but I do see Havok.  The first round of films did a pretty bad job with him, hoping they get it right this time, if he's even in it at all.

jedibanner 1/20/2011 7:30:04 AM

Well, at least THESE pictures of First Class bring more then that horrible picture yesterday. AND to know that it's not the director's or Fox's intention to send out the picture makes it more interesting that they aren't going into that direction. Good news...

InnerSanctum 1/20/2011 7:32:02 AM

 On an up note (or, a down note for the character), maybe we finally see how Xavier becomes both bald and crippled.  

InnerSanctum 1/20/2011 7:52:38 AM, it DOES supposed to follow the movie continuity.  I think .  Now, I am confused.  

joeybaloney 1/20/2011 7:57:42 AM

"... it was very smart to take a real-life historical event like the Cuban Missile Crisis or whatever it is.."

Or whatever indeed.

VivaxHate 1/20/2011 8:07:49 AM

 I dig the costumes for First Class, I feel their choice of mutants is questionable though... I mean assuming that there is some sort of continuity with the other X-films (leaving obvious Emma Frost thing aside) shouldn't Jean at least be a part of the team seeing as how in X3 Xavier and Magneto recruit her together? I would really love to see X-men done all over  (and done right) in like ten years.

Roqueja 1/20/2011 8:15:35 AM

joeybaloney must be a mutant because he read my mind, indeed.

monkeyfoot 1/20/2011 8:16:04 AM

I know alot of you hate this X-Men:First Class movie but I am pumped! I find the story idea great, along with the cast, director, and the style. I'm hoping it's as good as I think it can be.

I know alot of the anger at it is from fanboys that don't want the evil FOX studios in charge of it all and movieverse that Bryan Singer created originally that they are sticking with. Well, GeeWillikers - get over it!

The orignal trilogy of movies were very successful as well as the last Wolverine movie. Yes, it is different in continuity from the comics along with other changes but whether you want it or like it, this version of the X-Men will be the one in film form for awhile. Since it exists you can either choose to ignore them and boycott them or you can root for them to do really great movies you can enjoy in the franchise they've created.

8man 1/20/2011 8:26:09 AM

It has the look of a 1960's British spy televison series. 

"Mrs. Peel, we're needed..."

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