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axia777 1/20/2011 4:36:38 PM

I won't Wiseguy.  I will get it by "other means", maybe.  If I want to waste my band-width that is.

But I will not give Fox my money anymore for this utter insult to everything X-Men ever made.  Fukk them and the horse they rode in on.  I wish them death.  In fact, if the whole executive branch of Fox Studios died tomorrow in a accident by smashing their private jet into the side of a mountain I would laugh out loud.  I really really would.

ponyboy76 1/20/2011 4:37:31 PM

Yeah, I'll definitely see it. If I could sit through the monstrosity that was X3 then I can most likely sit through this. I find it funny that Vaughn talks about how he isn't bastardizing the X-men, but that is exactly what he's doing. It just irks me how Marvel Studios , in 2 movies , 3 if you count Incredible Hulk, could get the story so right not only for the comic reading audience but for the normal manistream people and Fox has yet to do it with one of their comic franchises in how many years.. It boggles the mind.

axia777 1/20/2011 4:40:06 PM

 Having said that I am so down to see Thor, Captain America, Iron-Man 3 and the Avengers like you would not believe. That is Marvel done RIGHT.

I hope that Deadpool gets made with the same respect. Same for the new Spiderman movie, though I have my serious doubts about that but am willing to be proven wrong. The actor LOOKS good but then looks are not everything ever.

Calibur454 1/20/2011 4:41:54 PM

I'll wait for a trailer for xmen but i dont have high hopes for it. I also am estatic to see a new captain america traler IT IS ABOUT FREAKIN TIME !!!!!

Will Smith to remake ANNIE_ oh dear god you have got to be kidding. The Success has really gotten to his head thanks to the karate kid film. And Jay zee doing the music is Hardnock life going to be sung with Jadens daughter taken Jayz's lyrics with the other kids singing background? Excuse me while I throw up...

DKnight0212 1/21/2011 12:09:21 AM

that vid even looks good from this angle ! Keep it coming guys !

As for the x-men first class, well the screenshots look nice, I guess, and, yeah that's about it, still not convinced.  Monkeyfoot, it ain't about the whole " angry fanboy" thing. Its about wanting the people in charge of the movie to, oh, I don't know, respect the source material, maybe ? I mean look at the Batman movies, they actually read the comics that inspired the making of the two movies, ( I know, novel concept huh ?). Jon Faverau's Ironman movies, hell even what they're doing with Cap, Thor , Spiderman and Green Lantern, THEY are going to make movies that, actually make since according to the source material. And if not 100%, then at least  they'll make it look like they  tried. No, slapping mutants together who aren't even supposed to be relevent yet, and calling them the X-MEN is not trying. And neither is "creating" a new franchise that has nothing to do with the material its supposed to be based on and saying " maybe if we make them look like the x-men, the fans won't notice".  Somebody wake me up when they start treating this franchise with some respect, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

everdreaded 1/21/2011 5:42:59 AM

I understand everyones frustration, reaLLY i DO! I've elected since WATCHMEN came out to take on a wait and see tude about comic to film movies.Just a waste of emotion to sit aroun thinking something about a movie based on whats shown.

still...I often wonder what is the problem with Fox and giving fans the XMEN everyone wants to see. It's not a complicated thing to stick to source material. Hell it does the job for them as far as stories are concerened.  If they did nothing more than stick to the original 5 premise and modernize it , even in a cheesy SYFY fashion I dont think they would get the criticism they do.

For the life of me I don't understand how a company would look at the source material  and continually allow changes that always set it up to be questionable to the outcome of it being successful.

Magneto helmet or no  is not impressing me, nor is the use of the Hellfire Club.  And Xavier..? I could never see Xavier outside the being a kind of Swashbuckler type he was established as in the comics prior to being crippled..

Like DKNIGHT said, they need to start showing the story of the franchise some respect and stop using it like a buffet picking and choosing what the HOPE might work and sticking an X on it.

violator14 1/21/2011 10:50:27 AM

Hey guys! this thing is still going strong it seems. Personally, I strongly recommend and hope that everyone that wants to see this, just pay for another movie and just theater hop into Xmen. That's what im gonna do. That way, Fox gets less money and we still satisfy our curiosity.  hehe  >=)

joe4306 1/23/2011 4:33:12 PM

booster gold on smallville????'t wait!!!!

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