Credits- Superman (1978)

  • Starring: Christopher Reeves, Gene Hackman & Margot Kidder
  • Directed By: Richard Donner

#15 Superman (1978)

Prior to the late ‘70s, sci fi, fantasy and genre fare had become box office poison. Movies were made but were relegated to either low-brow schlock, or high-brow art-house fare. Then came the one-two punch. Star Wars exploded into cinemas in 1977 as the first science fiction blockbuster. Then 1978 brought us Richard Donner's Superman, the first comic-to-film blockbuster.

Filmed as part of a grueling 18-month shoot (encompassing the first film and its sequel) the movie cast soap opera actor Christopher Reeve as the world's most iconic superhero.

Up until then, fans had largely seen their comic book heroes made fun of, largely thanks to the successful Batman TV series. Superman, while it has its share of humor (some of it campy), was made with a sense of reverence for the character and, more importantly, what he could represent.

While elements of the movie are corny and the effects pale by today's standards, Superman pleased critics and audiences alike and marked the beginning of the slow turn towards respectable superhero movies.

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