Credits- Timecop (1994)

  • Starring: Jean Claude Van Damme & Ron Silver
  • Directed By: Peter Hyams

#49 Timecop (1994)

Oh for the days when Jean-Claude Van Damme ruled the box office: the heady days of the mid-‘90s when a man could do the splits in his kitchen while dodging a taser aimed straight at his family jewels without being roundly mocked. Timecop remains a gloriously dated product of the era, sending the Muscles from Brussels through the ages in an effort to stop a corrupt Senator from mucking up the space-time continuum. It broke the $100 million mark at the box office, making it Van Damme’s highest grossing feature to date.

As with many films from director Peter Hyams, Timecop demonstrates a resolute competence unvarnished by any sense of personality or auteurial flair. The story kind of works, the villains are vaguely distasteful, and the hero is likeable in a bland, unremarkable way. If it turned up on the Superstation some lazy weekend, you could do worse than giving it a spin. Its status as Hollywood product renders it utterly forgettable, however, and its ideas about paradoxes and alternate universes have seen far more potent manifestations in better films.

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