Credits- X2: X-Men United

  • Starring: Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart & Hugh Jackman
  • Directed By: Bryan Singer

#5 X2: X-Men United

Having already pleased fans with X-Men, director Bryan Singer raised his game considerably for the follow up, nonsensically titled X2: X-Men United.

With the world and characters firmly established in the first film, Singer was able to hit the ground running. The movie dazzles us from its amazing opening, introducing fan fave Nightcrawler as he opens a bamf-bamf can of whoop ass in the oval office.

The movie never lets up on the action and deftly juggles over a dozen characters in a way that none of them feel superfluous to the story and gives them each a moment to flex their mutant abilities.

Chock-o-block with cool moments (Magneto's prison break, Wolverine vs. Deathstryke) and ending on a huge fan-bait note (the Phoenix in Alkali lake) X2: X-Men United is a crowd-pleaser.

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