Credits- 30 Days of Night (2007)

  • Starring: Josh Hartnett & Danny Huston
  • Directed By: David Slade

#50 30 Days of Night (2007)

Here's a lightning-in-a-bottle idea: A Northern Alaska town experiences Polar night, a period of nighttime conditions that lasts a full 30 days. Sounds inviting... if you're a vampire. That's the clever hook of 30 Days of Night the film directed by David Slade and adaptation from the horror comics of Steve Niles.

The movie is a mixed bag: It suffers from the same pacing problems as the comics, trying to depict a 30-day siege of vampires against humans in a short span of time. In the plus column are Slade's arresting visuals (so much blood on all that white snow) and a terrific turn by Ben Foster as the skeevy vampire familiar who ranges from menacing to pathetic.

Before the first comic was ever published there was a studio bidding war that saw Sony awarding Niles an unheralded seven figure payday and the first crack at writing the script for the film. The incident turned Niles into a cottage industry unto himself, with every comic afterward selling big numbers and instant film options.

Representing the pinnacle of Hollywood's comics feeding frenzy 30 Days of Night clocks in at #50.

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