Credits- Flash Gordon (1980)

  • Starring: Sam J. Jones & Max von Sydow
  • Directed By: Mike Hodges

#35 Flash Gordon (1980)

When it comes to comic characters invading the big-screen, one of the pioneers is certainly Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon, first adapted into film as a serial in the 1930s. But it's the most recent big-screen feature that's on our minds.

Flash Gordon of 1980 is from producer Dino DeLaurentis, who hired Batman TV writer to pen the screenplay. Predictably the result is a campy affair that critics compared unfavorably to the phenomenal Star Wars movies of the same era.

But the film was embraced by youngsters and Dorito-eating college students of the day for its colorful visuals, outlandish characters and dialogue (who can forget Brian Blessed's Prince Vultan and his blue-screened decree to "Diiiiiiive!"). But the indelible mark that the movie had made on pop-culture?

Flash! Ah-AAAAAAAH! Savior of the Universe!

Love the movie or hate it, there's no denying the power of the movie's title song. We'd put Flash Gordon on the list for the killer soundtrack by Queen alone.

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