Credits- Danger Diabolik (1968)

  • Starring: John Phillip Law & Eva Kant
  • Directed By: Mario Bava

#48 Danger Diabolik (1968)

Based on the edgy anti-hero of Italian comics, Mario Bava's "Danger Diabolik" is strong on style and short on substance.

The story focuses on an outlandish international jewel thief who prowls around in alternately black or white body suits, races around in sports cars and sleeps around with Austrian hottie Marissa Mell. When he's not thieving, you'll find Diabolik holed up in an underground cave, complete with rotating bed, fur rugs and a fully-stocked bar. Yep, his HQ is a swingin' bachelor pad that Austin Powers would envy.

One of two comic-based films from producer Dino DeLaurentis in 1968, Diabolik skews towards heavy camp. But what makes it so watchable is the intense visual style of the film. It's like all those sexy, trippy Steranko covers from the "Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D." comics brought to life and rockin' out to the swingin' sounds of Ennio Morricone.

For its cool vibe alone "Danger Diabolik" ranks on our list.

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