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  • Age Rating: 15 & Up
  • Released By: Digital Manga Publishing
  • MSRP: 19.95
  • Pages: N/A
  • ISBN: 156970810X
  • Orientation: Right to Left
  • Series: Megami Deluxe

Megami Deluxe Vol. #01

By Matthew Alexander     January 13, 2008
Release Date: December 16, 2007

Creative Talent
Translated by:
Adapted by:

What They Say
A collection of pin-ups and full-color illustrations from popular anime series including Tsubasa Chronicle, Full Metal Panic, and more. Each copy comes with a life-size pull-out poster!

The Review
Cheesecake meets anime.

Megami Deluxe is an interesting art book release from DMP. In fact, DMP is calling this a ‘mook’, or magazine-book. One way to describe its contents is all the best pages of an anime fanzine (focused solely on the girls) printed on high quality paper with no text to cover up the art. Actually, this is exactly what Megami Deluxe is, a collection of art from previous issues of Megami Magazine. The parent magazine focuses on bishojo characters from anime and games, and is up to an impressive 93 volumes in Japan. Maybe one of the best descriptions I've heard for Megami Magazine, is that it’s like FHM for otaku.

Each page of DMP’s Megami Deluxe is more like a small poster on thick paper, than the page of a magazine. The entire book has great production values with a strong spine and good reprint quality that any fans of DMP's release of ROBOT should be familiar with. The other unique aspect of this ‘mook’ is the varied content. Most of the U.S. released art books and imported art books I’m familiar with focus on a single anime series or the works of a single artist. Volume one of Megami Deluxe is a collection of pictures from 26 different anime series. Most of the pictures are styled like cheesecake art and remind me of either DVD covers, special inserts, or post cards often found with an original DVD or videogame release. Each anime series in this volume has at least one full-page picture, while many are represented with between three and six pages. My-Hime reigns supreme in this first volume of Megami Deluxe, with seventeen pages of art and a single two-page spread of the whole gang at the beach.

The back of this book has a great ‘Series Introduction’ section. Each anime series has a full description with website addresses, information about the U.S. release (if available), a list of the Japanese staff and cast, number of volumes, a story synopsis and four small screenshots from the series. There is also a large 15"x41" double-sided poster with Mai from My-Hime on one side and Arika from My-Otome on the other. Nearly half the anime series in this volume have not been officially released in the U.S., so I appreciated learning about them and seeing the character design of these series. Some of the series in this volume of Megami Deluxe that American audiences should be more familiar with are My-Hime and My-Otome, Negima, Ah! My Goddess, Galaxy Angel, and Tsukuyomi – MOONPHASE.

If you aren't sold on this book yet, and the copy in your local store is wrapped in plastic, no worries. The back cover has pictures of both sides of the pull-out poster and sample pictures from 11 of the series covered in this volume. With this, readers should feel confident about the content they're buying. If this back cover is different than the design of the original Japanese release, then kudos to DMP for this format.

This is volume one of the Megami Deluxe series, which is currently up to nine volumes in Japan. So far, DMP has volumes one and two listed on their website. Ultimately, fans of this ‘mook’ will have to wait and see how well it sells before getting their hopes up for seeing all the volumes released in the U.S. But with that being said, I think Megami Deluxe will prove to be a good seller for DMP.

If you like girls, girls, and even more girls, then you better run to the store and scoop up a copy of Megami Deluxe!


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