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xenomorph 4/28/2009 7:44:27 PM

This swine flu buisness is just a scare tactic being feed to us by the news. Remember the bird flu from a few years ago? Exact same reaction. Did anything major happen? No. We are all going to be fine.

Megan Fox. DAMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moz72 4/28/2009 8:07:44 PM

Will someone PLEASE do a Baywatch movie starring Megan Fox! And please film her doing the slow-motion running on the beach. in a bikini.

ripum853 4/28/2009 9:39:33 PM

I saw Megan Fox while working for Transformers 2, and I didn't think she was 100% quality ass.  I'd give her 85% haha, her skin looked a bit too scaley and tan...and she seemed all in all too plastic.  I got some upclose looks still!!  Anyway, here she looks OMG unbelievable, I think I saw her on set for the wrong movie.

MutantNinjaLoungeSingr 5/2/2009 4:47:01 PM

The bird flu hasn't gone away... in fact, the swine flu is a mutated strain of an avian flu virus.

The issue with it is it's potential to mutate into something far more deadly, which is something that has already occurred with certain strains of the bird-flu.

That said, if it was going to mutate to that degree, it probably would have done so by now.  The regular influenza has already killed something like 10,000 people this year and that's not been nearly as newsworthy.  The WHO is just being a bit overly cautious until they know its not a strain thats going to be susceptible to heavy mutation.  And thats not a bad thing.

Speaking of mutation (nice segue, huh?), I'm going to see Wolverine tonight too.  Although I hear that I'm gonna be very disappointed with the handling of Deadpool.

At least the guys that made the Wolverine game (pretty damn good, btw.. it's like God of War with an X-man) also want to make a Deadpool game (based on the comic, not the movie).  Maybe that will be enough to forgive Marvel over (at least for us gamer geeks)

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