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ponyboy76 8/14/2012 4:23:21 PM

 They may as well just reboot it instead of having an installment without Glover and Gibson. What, are they going to use their kids or something? Sounds lame.

violator14 8/14/2012 4:27:45 PM

Laz-sorry bro, but you couldnt pay me to see that movie. haha

Wiseguy 8/14/2012 4:35:04 PM

Let's just thank God lazarus doesn't work at any movie studio.

lazarus is hereby banned from criticizing any future films for at least one year for that suggestion

Chopsaki 8/14/2012 5:39:42 PM

Good stuff thx for the sugestions.

InnerSanctum 8/14/2012 6:36:30 PM

 ENOUGH with the "troubled star" everytime you mention his name.  He is a great actor and I could care less outside of that aspect.  He is a successful actor/director.  

No Mel.  No Mad Max for me.  

InnerSanctum 8/14/2012 6:39:23 PM

 Get the Gringo.  Great movie that went direct to PFV.  I'd recommend it.  

I'm up for a Viking movie!  

And, "no", I have no interest in a LW5.  They wrapped it up fine in the last film.  When Chris Rock is in your picture, it is bound to suck.  Great comedian...terrible actor.  

Dazzler 8/15/2012 4:48:03 AM

Mel has the right to free speech, and is not in jail.  I wish people would leave him alone.  He did not hurt anybody either.  He needs therapy probably but who does not in Hollywood.  If he does something illegal and does not pay for it let me know.  There are worse people in Hollywood. 

Muenster 8/15/2012 5:45:26 AM

"Berserker". Seems appropriate. Hope Mr. Gibson can stay off the sauce.


Mossy, Mel Gibson is a drunkard and a bigot, not a racist. 

phantomx69 8/15/2012 6:56:58 AM

danny glover won't work with mel now obvious reasons.

monkeyfoot 8/15/2012 7:07:34 AM

Oh Geez, I mean Oh Odin! I forgot about one of my favorite childhood viking movies The Long Ships. It was a particularly cheesy but fun movie from the 60s starring the odd casting of Richard Widmark as a viking and Sidney Poiter as a Moorish prince who fight but also team up to find a legendary gigantic golden bell called the Mother of Voices. I think my brother and I watched that movie a dozen times on local tv channels as kids. In fact, whenever I read Thor comic books I would hum the great theme from that movie. I see its on Crackle the free movie website now. Watch it some time for a silly piece of fun.

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