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l33tmeatwad 9/25/2009 7:08:37 AM

Pretty informative review, however I don't see how you gave the video a rating of A...the "fuzziness" in the edges in the opening are MPEG-2 compression artifacts (due to the business of the screen and the amount of colors at the same time, also most likely due to the often too low of a bitrate used on US releases of anime).  You might want to learn a little bit about video codecs and compression if you want to give a more accurate review (as it was obvious that it was not a "source" problem).

As for "There are a few moments where some basic aliasing enters into things during some pans but it's minimal and doesn't detract from the overall presentation.", I don't see how you didn't find that distracting.  Typically you find these kind of issues at hte begining of a sequence, however, these instances were in the middle of random sequences...I really don't see how you rated the video quality above C on this one, as the production quality of this DVD was extremely poor.



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