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TheSilentKiller 3/6/2013 7:54:36 PM

 Caveman, Ritchie would return us to the Bourneification of Bond. Great films but his action sequences are teeeeerrrrible.

wish 3/6/2013 10:21:11 PM

Spielberg wanted Bond a long time ago, but when he was rejected he went and made his own version of Bond, an American archeologist by the name of Jones........Indiana Jones.........

C'mon maniacs, I thought you guys would know that!  He's since gone on to say he'd never ever do a Bond movie for those very reasons!

Nolan is a legit candidate, but likely won't take it as he'll be busy.........spearheading the DCU for WB!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna call it right now and say don't be surprised to see Martin Campbell return for his 3rd outing as director in the Bond franchise.

Dazzler 3/7/2013 4:29:57 AM

How about JJ Abrams?  I hear he is doing nothing but jumping movie franchises anyway. 

lusiphur 3/7/2013 5:48:05 AM

 I could see Matthew Vaughn taking over.  He has history working with Craig and I've enjoyed everything I can remember seeing that he's directed (I try to forget the stinkers).

JJ Abrams?  Lens flare Bond.  He'd change things up like making M a woman, Moneypenny black and Q a techie nerd ... oh, wait.  That's already been done.  Still, though ... no lens flares! 

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 3/7/2013 7:31:29 PM

M has always been a woman - in fact the same woman.

mjc519 3/8/2013 1:31:30 AM

For the record, I wasn't calling Wise an idiot.  But his statement was idiotic.  Wise has made very excellet points in the past so I know he is capable of more. 

Wiseguy 3/8/2013 4:27:03 AM

For the record I stand by my statement til they prove otherwise. This is one of those things that is unspoken but many see as factual that they purposely stay away from Americans.

I don't buy that bullshit about "britishness". Bond films aren't about british culture they're action espionage films usually in other parts of the world. Just have the mothereffer drinking tea a couple of times is about all the britishness they need to know.

redhairs99 3/8/2013 7:13:16 AM

 Judi Dench has only been M since Goldeneye.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 3/8/2013 8:20:18 AM

Really? I thought I read that she was the only person in all the Bond films. I only watched the older ones when  I was a kid so I didn'r remember if that was true or not. Just took it for that.

redhairs99 3/9/2013 12:19:49 PM

 Q was the only actor/character who was the same in all the Bonds...until the Craig films.

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