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savagelee 11/9/2008 10:51:05 AM

 I have felt for years that it is my duty as a somebody who really loved Preacher to say: A cinematic treatment of Preacher would be a really bad idea. As a fan, I am 100% AGAINST FILMING PREACHER.

You want to make a lame comic-book movie? Do Green Lantern. You want to do a Garth Ennis property? Do HITMAN. But leave Preacher alone. It's a wonderful comic, and it doesn't need to be watered down by getting pissed on by the film industry. I just hate that crap where people report that the fans are excited about shit like this. I know lots of Preacher fans, and only the real dumb-ass jock-rock types ever tell me that they want to see Preacher put in front of cameras. 



Brossy 11/9/2008 3:08:48 PM

I have to agree with the last post by SavageHenryLee. Anyone who's read this book knows that it just won't work as a movie or series of movies. We're not talking about Harry Potter here which we all knew was guaranteed to have a picture for every book. If Preacher is made into a movie: a) we'll be lucky if they stick to what made the book good and b) we'll be even more lucky if it does well enough for them to greenlight sequels so that we get to see the whole story.

I'd much prefere to see it as a show on HBO or Showtime; however, HBO has kind of passed the torch to Shotime in the original series department and it would require too big of a budget for SHO to consider.

I'd really love to see it on the big or small screen; don't get me wrong; I just hope that they'll leave it alone if they can't stay true to it.

AntoBlueberry 11/10/2008 12:20:06 AM

I wonder if Mendes has access to the script that Garth Ennis wrote with Rachel Talalay and nearly made it to the screen, with James Marsden and Samuel L. Jackson and the Saint of Killers. Maybe with some minor tweaks, it could be filmable.

hungrysamurai_home 11/10/2008 6:51:12 AM

Mendes is right:  There's no way it'll all make it into one movie.  The thing is, even if we allow that some comics-to-movie adjustments are inevitable due to the different media and formats, if Mendes makes a movie that actually is in any way a Preacher (rather than Constantine II), there's almost no way they'll be allowed to make a second one.

HBO would've been the way to go, but we'll see.

gimpythewonder 11/10/2008 4:38:24 PM

1st) Preacher is my favorite story, ever, in any medium.  I'd like to boil it down, chop it up, and mix into cookies to sell at street fairs for the unsuspecting, it is that delicious

2nd) I've always been against this in movie format, unless they did it LotR style and filmed like 5 of them all together so they had to release them.

3rd) Put this on showtime, do like 3 seasons and put almost everything in there.  The 'salvation' book would really only need to be like 1 episode and there are other storylines that could be summed up in shorter order as well, while expanding others.



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