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Mythos 8/31/2012 5:57:05 AM

I remember back in the day day when the creator of this game got approached by Uwe Bolle and he told him "hey i want to adapt your game to a movie I got some great ideas for it!" and the jappanese dude looked at him and said and I quote: "bleep No i would never let you touch my game for anything!" lmao

Ryodin 8/31/2012 6:29:55 AM

Hideo Kojima, the creator of the Metal Gear franchise, has already gone on record saying that he would have no problem with someone other than himself writing a completely original script for the movie, and a director other than himself doing his own vision of the game for the big screen. So sounds to me that the movie will have zilch to do with the stories of the game. As a huge fan of the games, I'm surprisingly okay with this. As stated by others before me, the latter games are pretty much movies in themselves. So I'll always have those. Therefore, they can do whatever they want with the movie as far as I'm concerned.

aegrant 8/31/2012 6:50:26 AM

Ok my bad on the Lee/Woo thing (3 letters & 2 vowels thru me off) but the fact still remains - when was his last good movie?

 Also, if he comes close to dying in the movie will someone be screaming "SNAKE! SNAKE?.... NOOOOOO!"


Mythos 8/31/2012 7:24:14 AM

ryodin apparently you have not heard of uwe bolle or this interview so let me give you a history lesson. back in 05 or 06 ign did a interview with mr kojima. he was apparently approached by uwe at a convention of sorts and asked hey i got some great ideas for your game to be a movie and mr kojima stated that quote to him. Now granted uwe has made horrible game adaptations and at the time was in pre production for bloodrayne and was being given the stigma of game killer (house of the dead, bloodrayne, alone in the dark). Mr kojima had some mg games in production as well and didnt want his franchise recieveing that stigma so thats why he told him that quote. granted now in a modern era his game has but nearly disapeared he would have no problem letting a capable movie studio and director do his baby justice. Now why i remember this stuff? cause it was so hilarious to read at the time and also cause back then there was a non stop bashing of uwe on this site with even him fighting in the ring his critics in a boxing match which was even more funny.

hanso 8/31/2012 8:52:09 AM

 I'm ok with someone else given their own take on the Megal Gear Solid franchise as long as its Solid vs. Liquid & Foxhound and the Metal Gears are involved.  If that's there I'm cool with it.

I actually remembered that whoever gets the role of Snake has to be able to play 4 roles instead of 3 (Big Boss, Solid, Liquid, and Solidus).  

Now I'm wondering if the first movie would be based on Snake Eater, or if they start with MGS and go from there.

Oh, and I read that Kojima's favorite director is Chris Nolan.  I'd be down for that.

Betenoire 8/31/2012 10:06:47 AM

The viral marketing and costumes for people at the film will be great- everyone just sliding around in cardboard boxes.

Kalhenwrath 9/1/2012 5:48:21 PM

They origionally wanted Michael Biehn to star as solid snake, back in the late '80s early '90s. I see no reason why he can't play an older solid snake now

karenstewart 9/1/2012 6:01:09 PM

 Ohhh man. I'm so excited about this!

Mythos 9/4/2012 8:57:53 AM

oh man im so excited that your excited karen ;-) lol

CosmonautCowboy 9/15/2012 1:26:03 PM

I think I'd rather see them do a Naked Snake/Big Boss movie first, rather than getting into the thick of the whole Solid-Liquid-Solidus, Ocelot, Patriots stuff, which is really convoluted.


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