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New STAR WARS Trilogy Rumors Continue (Article) - 10/26/2010 9:17:28 PM

Lucas should just do it already!!!

Catherine Hardwicke Exits Sequel NEW MOON (Article) - 12/8/2008 5:57:18 PM

To: Starlight Guard<BR /><BR /><BR />Twilight is a loose rip-off of Buffy...i.e. the Romeo and Juliet; vampire falls in love with a human female, treatment of the story. It's Angel and Buffy all over again...and both young people, in or around their highschool years with much of the story circulating in and around the school environment. Buffy lived with one parent and was from a broken home, just like Bella...a girl who's name begins with a B and has the same number of letters in it??? Come on, this is a clear rip-off...the only difference is that Bella doesn't have super powers yet, but they are threatening to turn her into a vampire in the sequel (and you have you super powers for Bella).<BR /><BR /><BR />And then there is Edward's family who are replacements for Giles (the father), Willow (the brunette sister), and the rest of the Scoobies are represented by the family also, complete with supernatural powers like the ability to see the future, etc.??? It is easy for me to spot story outlines and characters when they are taken from other sources and  simply rearranged. Hell, this movie even had its own Spike (the tracker) and Angel's ex, the bad female vampire. Oh, and just like Sunnydale, Twilight has its small town too???<BR /><BR /><BR />!!!

Catherine Hardwicke Exits Sequel NEW MOON (Article) - 12/8/2008 3:49:36 AM

No...I am right. There are now stories cropping up that the director was acting out on set, and that the DP had to ghost direct the film, and was largely responsible for the look of the movie, as well, a female film editor had to save the movie in post. Then there are all those reshoots the film had to go through...and now this firing??? Case closed!!! Read the story:

Catherine Hardwicke Exits Sequel NEW MOON (Article) - 12/7/2008 11:38:17 PM

I saw the film. Its Romeo and Juliet meets Vampires theme, is a direct rip-off of Buffy. That said, Twilight should have been a better film than it is, considering all the hype behind it. The film was overlong...and slow moving...thanks to a redundant series of scenes featuring Bella's parents that went nowhere and added little to nothing to the story, nor did they advance the story in any pivotal manner--no, they just acted as filler? This film also suffered from the need to be too PC!!! Edward is longing for Bella, and she for him...but we get no sex, not even implied??? Hello???!!!  Finally, the fllm needed more action in it, and at the same time, much of the other slower moments of the film, needed to be edited out. If they had trimmed some of the scenes featuring the parents, the older Indian, and that horrible baseball scene, the film would have had better pacing and more room to add in the action scenes the audience was craving for, and  would have felt more alive. And another thing, there were shots where some of the male vampires in the lunchroom, and Edward in the lunchroom and classroom...looked like they had gas or were constipated...a criticism I didn't want to make outloud...but I have read others say it, and females at that, and I think at least one male? Poorly designed shots like this, that just don't play well, should be edited from the film with extreme prejudice, as they are just plain embarrassing!!! This movie is supposed to be sexy, and pointing to the forbidden fruit, and the age of consent, not campyness, as it is played in parts??? And during the third act of the film, there were young women in the theatre who kept checking their texting devices, and they are the intended audience for this move, and yet, they were bored with the film??? Trust me, the studio should re-cut the film and add some major action sequences and release it as the official cut. Why??? If they don't, I have a feeling the standing cut will serve to hurt Twilight as a brand name in the immediate future when it debuts on DVD, Pay-Per-View, Cable, and broadcast television. They can save themselves all kinds of grief if they just place another 10 to 15 million dollars into this movie, and make it more streamlined and handsome for the aftermarkets. If they fail to heed my advice, those that see it in mass later on, will not show-up in theatres to see the sequel(s). Remember, day two of Twlight at the theatres fell 40 percent, from Friday which is astonishing when you think how fast word of mouth crippled this movie...overnight??? I love the girl who played Bella though, a true discovery!!!  She dominates every scene that she is in and you can feel a passion there. She truly see's Edward as her soulmate and she wants to make love to him, not just have sex...there is a difference, but the urgency is the same animalistic instinct, something of a life or death urgency, because you can tell, through her acting that she cannot live without him, or without his touch, and the moment of first penetration. Sadly they failed to say that, out and out, as it was desperately needed!!! The girl that played Bella single handedly saved this movie from itself, and from its stunningly out of touch and creatively lacking director!!!

Twilight's NEW MOON Sequel Begins in March (Article) - 12/1/2008 7:23:01 PM

Hi Liana,<BR /><BR />Good to see some females posting here, finally!!! If Twilight and other similar fair serves to draw more women into enjoying genre films and tv series, etc., then I say great, the more...the better!!! I myself think it is refreshing and will add to more informed discussions and much better material!!! Point taken about the book, I didn't read it and so I can't judge the quality of it...and the story therein, so I'll take your word for it that it is a good read. <BR /><BR />As for the audience reaction, point taken again, I am sure you are right, but I think a more clever director could have added some moments that would have even surprised fans who are familiar with the book series--scary and fun moments, say what if our vampire lead accidentally dropped Bella as they looked out from the top of those huge trees(?), and just as she is taking the long fall, facing certain death--bam...the vampire appears below her and catches her as they fall an additional 100 feet to the gound, Bella safely tucked in his arms. That would have been cool, and something like that, if shot, would have appeared on screen for less than one minute, but it would have sure woken-up the theatre...and it would have added much needed energy to the pace of the movie without re-writing the story or changing it. It is these types of little extras and tweaks that the film was missing, moments that would have served to more fully engage the audience, fans of the book, and those who know nothing of the book, alike. 

Twilight's NEW MOON Sequel Begins in March (Article) - 12/1/2008 5:39:00 PM

Hi Thirishar--I love Buffy, and that translates fine for me as a male, but Twilight was missing something??? Did you hear any eeewws...and aaawwws in the theatre that you were in...or any laughter, well, I did hear two laughs to be fair, but that was it??? No one cried or gasped...and it didn't seem anybody was involved with the film, in fact, several started checking their phones for text messages during the last 3rd of the film, and they were young women. That baseball scene just didn't work either, and came off as being campy...and I think the audience started to become bored from there on--and that, combined with the overlong, running time of the movie, or what felt overlong, really slowed and film. And now they are going to Italy, just like a Buffy story line about the Immortal which appeared on the Buffy spin-off Angel, how perfectly convenient, but I digress???  Back to the film: I liked the characters, but for the most part, until the climax, they did much of nothing except to sit around and look "goth chic cool" at lunch tables, while giving others the evil eye??? My God, what a great job Joss Whedon could have done with this movie if he had been hired to direct it!!!The lead actress was great though, and is truly a wonderful discovery!!! Rent the Buffy TV series on DVD and watch 3 episodes back toback in sequence and you will be hooked on the story that inspired.

Twilight's NEW MOON Sequel Begins in March (Article) - 11/30/2008 11:53:21 PM

<P>This was not a good movie, it could have been, and the elements were all there, but something was desperately missing? It was slow, and some scenes were just clumsy and strangely campy, if not...out and out embarrassing, as well, the film was was badly directed, and at times, badly acted, <NOBR><A class=US_double id=RLLINK_3_0_4 style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold; BORDER-LEFT-COLOR: #1fe709; BORDER-BOTTOM-COLOR: #1fe709; COLOR: #1fe709; BORDER-TOP-COLOR: #1fe709; BORDER-RIGHT-COLOR: #1fe709" href="#">save</A></NOBR> for the female lead. The film dragged and felt too docu-style in execution throughout, and the plot and story failed to advance fast enough. Really, this Buffy rip-off makes Buffy, look like just what it is...a masterpiece...and even at its very worst, and there were some bad episodes, and that bad movie, and yet, Buffy still easily trounces Twilight in terms of plot, quality, style, effort, expert execution, inspiration, and pacing. </P><BR /><BR /><BR /> <P />I must however praise all involved at the executive level for having a racially diverse cast. Bravo!!!</P><BR /><BR /><BR /> <P /> </P>

HERO BY NIGHT headed for small screen (Article) - 11/14/2008 9:16:58 PM

<p>They should just make a good faith deal with him and give him what he wants and ink a deal for some of his upcoming creations. Stealing from people can only lead to this company causing other creators, or potential creators, of similar properties to go elsewhere.</p>

Uni captures Viper's VILLAINS (Article) - 10/30/2008 10:04:57 PM

<p>This is a direct rip-off of Apt Pupil.</p>

Vin Diesel: RIDDICK Sequels Still Possible (Article) - 8/25/2008 8:44:24 PM

I have a kick ass outline for a Riddick sequel, something that I think better fits the whole Riddick mythos as established in Pitch Black, yet adds the epic narrative to the proceedings that Vin Diesel wanted, but The Chronicles of Riddick failed to deliver. I hope somebody out there, gives me a chance to Pitch my outline/scriptment, which also has some whole scenes and dialogue, not much...but just enough to give a nice guide for the feel I wanted to punctuate the proceedings.


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