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Mezco Announces their SDCC Exclusives

Robert's review of the Mezco Exclusives

By Robert T. Trate     June 02, 2008

SDCC Hellboy II: The Golden Army: Locker Room Hellboy
© Mezco Toys

The pop culture nirvana that is the San Diego Comic Con is less than two months away now. Many of us will make the trek to San Diego. Some go for the news. Others go for the costumes.  Many just go to see what the hubbub is all about. Mezco Toyz is striking early and hitting us with a few must haves with their San Diego exclusives. Here is a list of some of their exclusives and my “yes” or “no” to what I will be picking up at the Con.

1:6 scale deluxe Sloth SDCC with and without removable pirate stuff

Limited to a 1000 pieces makes him a collectable.  Being 1:6 scale makes him 12 inches tall but shouldn’t he be taller? John Matuszak was a pretty big guy. Now I love Lotney 'Sloth' Fratelli as much as the next Goonies enthusiast but we already had a figure of Sloth. Why not make a box set of the entire Fratelli family? Who wouldn’t want a Francis, Jake and Ma three-pack? Besides that, this is a pretty ugly thing to have set up in your office, toy room or bar. Sloth will not be coming home with this guy.

The Warriors: Red Faced Fury SDCC variant

From the film The Warriors, this Red Faced Fury action figure is the first variant in the line.  Limited to only 200 pieces will make him extremely rare. He has more than 40 points of articulation which is more than most action figures. Yet, with only 200 in existence is anyone really going to put those 40 points to good use? As cool as he is and only 200 being made makes him pretty tempting, however I am not a Warriors fan so, no.

SDCC HellBoy II The Golden Army: 3.75 inch scale Hellboy figure

Big Red here is actually 1/18th the scale of Ron Perlman. Complete with Samaritan sidearm and his new shot gun, Big Baby, he has that air of coolness that Perlman delivers as Hellboy. Limited to only 2500 pieces means he’ll be easy to find. Being only 3.75 inches tall means he’ll also be easy to lose. Personally, I want a Hellboy figure that stands out and this guy is just too small. 

SDCC Heroes Future Hiro

I have been following the Heroes line since I saw them first hand at the 2008 International Toy Fair in New York. If only I could find one to actually buy. Honestly, how long do we have to wait till they hit the specialty stores? Future Hiro is by far my favorite in the entire line. This 7” inch figure has nearly a dozen points of articulation is limited to 3000 pieces. Without a doubt I’ll be picking up Future Hiro.

SDCC Cinema Of Fear Roto Plush: Hockey Edition Jason Voorhees

He rough, he’s tough and he’s loveable in that sick and twisted way. The Cinema Of Fear Roto Plush: Hockey Edition Jason Voorhees will be yet another Jason plush doll joining Leatherface and Dapper Freddy. A plush doll of a psychopathic undying killer with mommy issues really isn’t for me. Limited to 800 pieces, the complete Friday the 13th lunatic will love this guy. The #13 hockey jersey is a nice touch though.

SDCC Hellboy II: The Golden Army: Locker Room Hellboy

Here is Hellboy II: The Golden Army: Locker Room Hellboy as depicted from a scene in the new movie. Standing at 7 inches tall and possessing 18 points of articulation makes him what Comic Con exclusives are all about. He is limited to 2000 pieces so ordering this one online might be the right move. He’ll go along nicely with my recently acquired 2006 Hellboy with Floating Heads Summer Exclusive.

I like a lot of what Mezco has to offer but in a room full of exclusives and tiny bag to carry everything home in, one has to be picky. 


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themovielord 6/2/2008 3:37:48 PM
Hey guys I just got an email from my contact at Mezco and he said the following, "I expect the 3.75 Hellboy to sell out quickly, at $10 its one of the more affordable convention exclusives". So there is a least a price on one of these. Robert ~ TheMovieLord<BR />


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