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"Mezco gangster"

By Mathew McKee     April 02, 2007

Mezco gangster
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One of my all time favorite toy companies is Mezco.  They have the licenses for some of the best shows and moves out there: South park, Family guy, Edward Scissorhands, Animal House, and more.  They also have great original series as well.  One of these series is the Gangsters Inc. series.  This series features fictional 1930’s Gangsters.  The packaging for this series is very interesting.  The front is your standard blister pack, with the name of the series and the figure.  The back has a newspaper articles talking about each of the characters that are in the series. I like this because it gives the figures a little bit more depth.  All of these figures are spectacular, but one in particular takes the cake as most impressive. 

His name is Patrick O’Brian, AKA “Iron” O’Brian.  This figure is around 10” and is amazing.  The expression on his face makes him look like a psychopath that is about to smash in your skull.  This is helped by his five o’clock shadow and the cuts covering his face as well as the fact that he is bleeding out of one eye.  The rest of the body sculpt is very detailed; down to the wrinkles of his skin and the rips and folds of his clothing.  The paint job adds a lot as well.  The entire figure is covered in patches of grease and blood.  The inside of the open hand is completely grease colored from holding greasy pipes and such.  One nice touch is the blood stain on his shirt that suggests that he recently got stabbed.  The stab wound and the bleeding eye do a very good job of creating the image of a psychopath that will stop at nothing to get the job done.  He will murder his way through a crowd of people just to smash your face in, if that’s what he has to do.

“Iron” O’Brian also comes with a decent spread of accessories.  My favorites are the giant rusty pipe that is obviously where he gets his name from, and the bailing hook.  These accessories are two of the most brutal accessories I’ve seen in a while, they seem like exactly what a rampaging psychopath like O’Brian would use.  He also comes with two hats, brass knuckles and hand gun.  These are pretty standard accessories, but I like the fact that he comes with two hats.  The only down side for this figure is that it only has four points of articulation: waist, neck, and shoulder.  However, even this downside isn’t that bad, because the shoulders have a ball and socket style construction that can move close to 360 degrees.  This means that even though you can’t pose his legs you can pose his arms however you want. 

“Iron” O’Brian is another example of the greatness of the Mezco lines of original character figures (another is the Dark Carnival series).  He deserves a solid “A” in my book.  Now, the big question: How do I get my hands on one of these?  That’s a little tricky.  None of the Gangsters Inc. figures are available on Amazon so you are either going to have to go to  www.Mezcotoyz.com and buy it straight from the source or use this figure as an excuse to visit your favorite toy purchasing location.  Happy hunting.


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