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Her name is Mikura and she's all about service with a smile.

So what if that service is cracking skulls and the smile happens to be on the other end of a loaded gun? With a killer body, vicious skills, and an attitude to match, Mikura gets away with murder (literally). It's a good thing, too because in the world of Mezzo, staying alive is never easy!

Meet the Danger Service Agency (DSA), a high-risk trio that pays the bills by putting their asses on the line. It's only Volume 1, but the DSA hasn't wasted any time! Ducking bullets, and dodging punches, the trio find themselves working for a friendly ghost and a foxy weathergirl, helping old friends and hunting down an extraterrestrial. Whether you're looking to run recon on a cheating spouse or smuggle a deadly virus, if the job reeks of danger, there's only one team to call. With Mikura and friends on the case, danger has never looked so good.

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Region 1 - North America

Mezzo Complete Collection (2009 Edition) by ADV Films
Mezzo Complete Collection Collection (Thinpak) by ADV Films
Mezzo Forte (Uncut) by Kitty Media
Mezzo Vol. #1 (also w/box) by ADV Films
Mezzo Vol. #2 by ADV Films
Mezzo Vol. #3 by ADV Films

Region 2 - Japan/Europe

Mezzo DSA Vol. #1 by ADV Films UK
Mezzo DSA Vol. #2 by ADV Films UK

Region 4 - Australia

Mezzo DSA Collection by Madman Entertainment