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Box Office Finals

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MI2 Is #1; DINOS Live On.

Plus: BATTLEFIELD EARTH retreats from Top 10.

By Steve Biodrowski     May 31, 2000

When the final box office tally was in, there were no big surprises, but each of the weekend's two top films fell at least $1-million below yesterday's predictions. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE II wound up with a four-day take of $70.8-million for a total so far of $91.82; meanwhile, DINOSAUR took in $32.03-million, bringing its total to $80.45-million. FREQUENCY, the only other genre film to place in the Top 10, landed in 7th place with $3.62-million; that brings the total to $35.08-million. Other science fiction, horror or fantasy films to earn over $1-million were THE FLINSTONES IN VIVA ROCK VEGAS, in 11th place with $1.70-million (total: $30.12) and BATTLEFIELD EARTH in 12th place with $1.07 (total: $20.37).

Below is the list of the weekend's science fiction, horror, and fantasy films. Totals are given in millions of dollars.

Mission Impossible (1) 70.82/91.82
Dinosaur (2) 32.04/80.45
Frequency (7) 3.62/35.08
Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas (11) 1.70/30.11
Battlefield Earth (12) 1.07/20.37
The Road to El Dorado (22) .391/49.95
Final Destination (24) .330/51.34
T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous (33) .230/29.73
Scream 3 (36) .201/88.92
Mission to Mars (38) .192/59.79
Toy Story 2 (40) .185/245.28
American Psycho (44) .147/13.99
Alien Adventure (49) .086/.993
Pitch Black (50) .082/39.16
Siegfried and Roy: The Magic Box (52) .066/3.29


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