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Michael Bay Talks TRANSFORMERS & Future

By Jarrod Sarafin, News Editor     July 05, 2007
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Director Michael Bay on the set of TRANSFORMERS(2007).
© Dreamworks & Paramount

I read this interview over at Entertainment Weekly earlier this morning and honestly debated putting it up here. Since coming back, I've seen some news sites saying "Michael Bay says yes to a Transformers sequel" in the headlines. Okay, that's not exactly news. I think anyone and everyone already knows there will be a sequel with all the money coming into Dreamworks and Paramount for it. Even Michael Bay states the obvious in the interview with EW. Since TRANSFORMERS has been a headline for 5 days straight here, I thought I would give everyone a break from having yet another fan boy arguement over the merits of whether "Bay did a good job here" vs "Michael Bay sucks dingo kidneys".

Alas it is not to be. Slow news day and all.

Still, there are 3 whole pages of interesting questions pointed towards Michael Bay in this interview. It was an interesting read and director Bay does seem comfortable with himself as time rolls onward. He also talks about his next film which will have no explosions, car chases, etc.

To read the interview, click right here.

Jarrod's Note: On another piece of news so I don't need to type up two different TRANSFORMERS articles for today's home page, According to ShowBizData, the film took in another 29 million on Wednesday, July 4th. This is a very good total considering that the holiday itself is always low in box office receipts (it's usually the days before & the days after that hit well). The action film starring the Autobots vs the Decepticons has pulled in 65.6 million in two days and a half days of release.


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almostunbiased 7/5/2007 4:02:00 PM
What about, "Bay did a good job at sucking dingo kidneys." I mean seriously, he did a good job. But he may suck dingo kidneys. Who am I too say. This movie is making some serious cash. I wouldn't mind seeing another sequel. This time I hope he has a little more time to spend on the transformers. Not that I didn't like Shia and Fox together. Mmmmmm Fox.
almostunbiased 7/5/2007 4:12:40 PM
Oh and I swear I've read this interview before, either that or they always ask him the same questions and he gives similar answers.
muchdrama1 7/5/2007 4:25:41 PM
Tuesday's $27.4 million guarantees a sequel. Unfortunately.
ElvisGump 7/5/2007 4:42:56 PM
Are dingo's kidneys really that bad? I thought it was a truckload of FETID dingo kidneys that was the benchmark of bad. I'm sure in some parts of Oz there are chefs that can do wonderful things with dingo kidneys...
hanso 7/5/2007 5:39:09 PM
almostunbiased 7/5/2007 6:09:39 PM
Those rankings are a joke, Merin. They have completely different school systems in other countries.
gauleyboy420 7/5/2007 7:34:19 PM
The Movie was SUPER FRIGGIN' SWEET! Can't wait for #2. One will fall, one will stand. F'n A SWEET SWEET. If you this movie didn't have "enough of a story" for you, shoot yourself NOW! IT WAS A LIVE ACTION CARTOON! I LOVED IT, and I'll spend much more of my hard earned $$$ on it.
Whiskeymovie 7/5/2007 8:38:35 PM
As a diehard Bay fan and a huge Transformers fan, I think there were good and bad things about this movie. Some of the editing, I did not like. At times the movies did not seem to flow well. Some things happened too quickly. The humor, at times was very funny,,,at others,,,,not so much,,,,All and all, I think the movie was great....I would love to see another one, and spend more time focusing on the robots.
metalwater 7/5/2007 8:40:39 PM
One of my main problems with Transformers is that its writers, director and producers violated one of the premiere rules of writing...that being, you must properly establish your antagonist. Starcream, as I have said before, is the Darth Vader of the Transformers...yet, his place in the history of the story was ignored. Hence, one never felt any real menace from the Decepticons. The point is...in order for the audience to feel the threat of the enemy...you must establish an enemy via his actions as shown on screen...as a real threat. You can't just talk about it...you have to show it!!! Starscream...should have been introduced to the audience in the Qatar scene...he should have been the Decepticon that attacked the base...not the robot that started the proceedings. The "Transformers Animated Movie" better established its villains...giving Starscream a chance to exhibit what a deadly threat he was to humans...and even...a threat to Megatron. I just love the scene of his planned coronation...where Starscream blasts his fellow Decepticons for playing too much of the coronation music. It was hilarious. To his surprise, Megatron shows-up and blasts him. That scene, and others like it, showed Starscream as a scheming foe to both humans and his own leader. The live action Transformers was missing that power, choosing to give us the C.) Story of the female scientist tracking down Anthony Anderson...and the troubles they promptly find themselves in. Although I liked those scenes, this side bit slowed the advancement of the story. The truth is, they could have had the girl crack the code herself...thus cutting ten or more minutes out of the movie. That precious time...could, and should, have been spent establishing Starscream as a menacing villain. They could have shown him scheming to find Megatron...simply for the purpose of getting his hands on the Cube, so he could stab Megatron in his back...and takeover leadership of the Decepticons...that, and...takeover the world in order to free machines from human slavery!!! I recall the first time I saw Star Wars...within the first few minutes you knew Darth Vader was a bad ass...having questioned the Rebel Captain, he grabbed him by his neck and lifted him off the floor and choked him to death...immediately throwing his body to the side, and against a wall, when the Captain went limp. Instantly, you knew that this was "The Villain"...and nobody messes with him...nobody!!! Later, Vader chokes a fellow Imperial using his Force powers...proving yet again...he's a Billy Bad Ass. And if that didn't put you in awe of the Empire and Vader...Storm Troopers wiped-out Luke's aunt and uncle. At that point, I...and you, hated the Empire...and I wanted justice--we all wanted justice!!! But, if that wasn't bad enough...the bad guys blew-up Princess Leia's home world...simply as a demonstration, nothing else. If you didn't hate the Empire by then...you sure did after that...and you realized that Luke and Ben were headed on a mission...that was against all odds. You were frightened for them...and saw no way out. Then Ben sacrificed himself...and you knew that any one of our heroes could die...including Luke. Next came the sucker punch ending where the Rebels found a flaw in the Deathstar...giving our heroes a fighting chance...and leading to the Battle Of The Deathstar which came completely out of nowhere...and blew our collective socks off!!! Transformers fell flat by not making it clear that these villains, in the form of the Decepticons, were a deadly menace...that personally affect us...by affecting the hero...Sam: The guy who is out entry point character. The person who we vicariously live through...like we did with Luke Skywalker. You see, unless Sam is hurt directly, and through those whom he loves...we can't feel the full brunt of his fears and struggles with the enemy...one's which he would have to overcome to defeat the bad guys...as we would hope to in his place--if we were in his shoes. Megatron...hadn't personally hurt him...or someone that he loves...the same is true of Starcream...so at that point...we could only feel a certain numbness concerning their interactions...instead of the victorious and triumphant feeling that we should have had when Sam delivered the death blow to Megatron. And when it comes to Starscream...again...we felt nothing either way. No anger...no cheer...no real menace...nothing. But I'll tell you...when Luke blew-up the Deathstar...with Han and Chewie at his back, flying cover...my brother and I nearly jumped out of our seats cheering!!! We wanted to see it again...and again--and the next time we saw it...we watched it twice, back to back in the same theatre!!! I felt no compulsion for a repeat viewing of the Transformers other than to perhaps study some of the effects sequences. So why did my brother and I love Star Wars so much...and why did we cheer so loudly(???)...because...we had learned to hate the Empire...and Vader...as we had learned to love our heroes. We were cheering for justice...and bravery...and a hard battle won, against all odds...but the Transformers never delivered that...because you must have a villain...more superior to your hero...who proves himself to be evil before your eyes...with deeds...not just words--so when his demise comes...at the hands of our hero(es)...we have a reall purpose to applaud...because it was a victory...more than well deserved!!! And that is were Transformers failed to deliver!!!
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